Relocating? Make a moving timeline checklist!

Well, first let us say congratulations! Secondly, let us say good luck! Relocation is a very rewarding, but also very difficult and exhausting task. You are going to invest your time, money your energy and your own blood, sweat and tears. And sometimes, despite of all of that you are not going to be happy with the results. But we are here so you can at least try to avoid that outcome. This article is going to help you to plan for your move without any trouble.

If you have been reading our blog, you have probably already chosen your destination. In case you are still having second thoughts, on our blog you can find more than a few useful articles, so check them out and we recommend this one if you have decided to really step out of your comfort zone and jump into a completely new territory (pun intended!).

Now, back to the move itself. The best and the most structured way to handle all the tasks regarding your move is to make a moving timeline. On it you should include all sorts of task and responsibilities that might ocurr and also make sure that you have created a moving checklist, so you can keep crossing thigs off as the time passes. In order to relieve you from the stress of moving, we have created a relocation timeline, and we ecourage you to use it. We can deal with the copy rights later.

Ours (and yours!) moving timeline:

1. Tell the world! I am moving!

If you finally taken that huge step and decided to relocate, the first task on your moving checklist is to tell everyone. Your family, friends and significant other should definitely be the first calls to make. But, once that is over you have a few other people you should notify, one of the most important being DMV. On this website you can find a helpful guide on how to resolve all that legal obstacles easy and in a timely manner. Once that is taken care of, cancel or forward all of your mail and any subscriptions you might have had. This might not seem like a big deal, but you don’t want the new tenants to receive all that free stuff you spent hours ordering. In case that does happen, include something on your moving checklist that most people forget – leave a forwarding address.

2. It is importan to include a financial plan on your moving checklist

No moving timeline is ever going to come to life if it isn’t best friends with your budget. In fact it would be even better if they start sleeping together. Any decision you might take regarding your relocation has to be included in your budget, otherwise it won’t happen. So begin your planning by counting your pennies and going from there. That is how you should know if your moving checklist is going to include hiring a moving company or calling half of your cousins to help you move. You can find some useful tips here This will also enable you to create a time-frame for your move, which leads us to our next order of bussiness.

3. Getting serious – making a moving timeline

Now that you know how far can you spread your wings, it’s time to get real and open up your calendar. Make sure that you have enough vacation days and free time and plan to move on a Friday, so you will have a whole weekend to unpack your belongings. Your moving checklist should include every tiny little taks because in the heat of the moment some things might slip your mind. When you do create a checklist, make sure that you have a moving buddy, a person you trust that can come not just to give you logistical support but also emotional. Moms and best friends usually do the trick. If you have kids, find someone to look after them on the day of the move, so you wouldn’t have to worry about their safety around tools and all sorts of sharp objects. When hiring company gives you deadlines, in your moving timeline, give them a day more, cause, let’s face it they might not always be able to honor their agreement. You will have no problem if you include that in your plans.

4. Make sure your moving checklist includes all of your important papers

Moving day can sometimes turn out to be pretty hectic. If you didn’t have enough vacation days the whole week before the move can turn out to be pretty blury. And one thing you can’t misplace are all of your important papers. You don’t really want to sort out your pots and pans in order to get to your passport or something like that. So, below we have listed some things your should pack in a special folder and keep separated from your other belongings. Your folder must include, but it most certainly isn’t limited to:

– Your tax returns from previous years

– Passport, Social Security Card

– Statements from bank and checks

– Birth certificates for your and your entire family

– Any documents related to leasing, buying or celling your old and new home

– List of emergency contacts

– Your moving checklist

5. Make sure your moving timeline has your tasks sorted by priority

Although there is a lot of things to be done, not all of them have the same priority. If you only do one thing after another, without checking the clock, you might end up polishing the kitchen while the moving truck is waiting for your boxes for more than two hours. On your moving checklist make sure that you have clearly marked the task without which the moving cannot be complete (packing your belongings, for example). If you see that time has passed and no progress is being made, revise your moving timeline and act accordingly.

We wish you the best in your endevour and make sure to keep checking our blog for more

useful tips!

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