Relocating to Toronto with family

Relocating to Toronto with family

You may have heard that moving to another country with your kids can make or break your family. That really isn’t a case.
Relocating to Toronto with your family can be a great experience, you just have to organize it well. Toronto itself is a great place to raise a family. It’s very child-friendly, Canada has a great education and health systems, and it’s one of the safest countries in the world. Toronto has a number of the amazing activities for children, during all the time of the year.
Once you move, your family will easily adapt to this friendly town.

Relocating to Toronto is a great idea because it is a very family friendly town.
Toronto is one of the best places to raise your family.

Relocating to Toronto with your family

Every moving process is difficult, especially when you are moving abroad. Nowadays we have a lot of opportunities so moving will go smoothly. You can hire a reliable moving company that can do everything for you. They will pack and unpack all of your belongings, and that can be a real advantage when you are moving with kids. Save yourself a  lot of time and stress. Put yourself into the capable hands of the professionals, so you can more clearly think about others important stuff that relocating to Toronto with your family implies.

Your children will soon adapt to relocating to Toronto.
Hiring professional help will give you time to prepare your family for relocating to Toronto.

First of all, talk to your children

A decision to move to a new country is never easy. It’s a massive change that brings a lot of questioning, uncertainty, planning, researching, and excitement. If you are feeling all that, imagine what your child feels.

Children are the delicate creatures and you have to explain your decision to move to Canada very carefully.
Listen what they have to say about it, and include them in the process of moving. Let them be the part of the decision process.
Don’t dismiss their feelings, and do your best to explain to them what are the reasons for your moving.

Point out the great things that await them. It is possible that they will feel the need to rebel, depending on their age. Smaller children are more accepting to change than the older ones. Try not to lose your temper and talk calmly to them.
If you show them respect, they will be more open to relocating to Toronto, especially if you highlight the benefits they will have there.

Explain your child reasons for relocating to Toronto
Listen to what your child has to say about your relocation

Finding the right neighborhood

One of the biggest decision, when you are moving with children, is to find a right neighborhood for your new home. When you are moving with family there are a lot of things that you have to consider.

  • Safety – the most important thing is to establish is the neighborhood that you have in mind will be safe for your kids. That means that the rate of the crime is significantly low, that it’s not close to the busy streets with a lot of traffic, that area is well lite and possibly under surveillance.
  • Schools – school does not necessarily have to be right around the corner, but it’s the convenience that you may prefer. Another important thing is that the schools in the area are good and respectable.
    Toronto has a great educational system, and in every neighborhood, there is at least one elite school.
  • Hospitals – big question that you should ask is are there health institutions in the area. You never know if your child will have a fever od fall down while playing. So it’s a big advantage if there is a hospital in the neighborhood.
  • Parks and playgrounds – open space that you can enjoy with your kid, and where it can play with other children is a very important thing, so take that as a big request while finding the right neighborhood.
  • Additional content – every neighborhood have some fun and sports activities for children. Take your child interests in mind while choosing the best one. If your children have to commute for a long time to get to a sports practice or dance lessons it may bore them to quit.

Best  Toronto neighborhoods for the families

Canada is an awesome place to raise kids. Toronto, even more so. Here people and children are very open-minded and friendly. Your children will very soon find new friends and adapt to a new life. Soon, your family will be very happy because of the relocation to Toronto.
These are the top three Toronto neighborhoods:

The Beaches

Nestled at the shore of the Lake Ontario, this neighborhood is located only a few kilometers from the commercial downtown of Toronto. It is near the busy city center, but you have a feeling like you are a hundred miles away from it. The Beaches has very low crime rate and excellent schools. Beautifull view of the lake comes with the prices that are a little higher in this area, so take that into consideration if you’re moving to Canada on the budget. As the name suggests it, this neighborhood has beaches and a boardwalk, ideal for walking into the sunset.
It’s described as a safe, clean, trendy and tight-knit community.

The Beaches is one of the most beautiful parts of Toronto.
The Beaches is one of the safest and prettiest neighborhoods in Toronto, totally suitable for families.

Bloor West Village

If you are looking for quiet, yet popular area with the close proximity to recreation, shopping, and dining – look no further. Bloor West Village will be an ideal place for you. It’s reputable schools neighborhood with wast parks, created for family enjoyment.
It has the friendly charm of a small town that you will feel welcome in.
The High Park is just a short walk away. There you can find sporting, educational and cultural facilities, along with gardens, a playground, and a zoo.


Allenby is often called the most family-friendly neighborhood in Toronto since it’s packed with families with kids of all ages. It’s one of the best school districts with reputable schools such as Allenby public school, North Preparatory and Marshall McLuhan Catholic school.  Allenby also has many recreational options. One of the most popular ones is the North Toronto Memorial Community Recreation Centre. This center has an indoor and outdoor pool and two tennis courts. The center is also conveniently located next to Eglinton Park which has a wading pool, a baseball diamond, and a sports field.
Great schools, many activities, pretty homes and quaint atmosphere are what make Allenby desirable for families.

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