Brooklyn is NYC’s largest and fastest-growing borough, with over 2.6 million residents. Although this neighborhood may have its quirks, it also has its charms. Relocation to Brooklyn can offer you a decent life with many cultural events, sports venues, parks and other attractions to visit.

The Charms And Challenges Of a Brooklyn Move

There are many outdoor activities that you can do, if you move to Brooklyn.
Relocating to Brooklyn is the right move! There’s a lot of green areas for outdoor fun.

According to the Brooklyn Community Foundation, Brooklyn has more African Americans than Atlanta.  College degrees volume is higher than in Boston. There are more people living in poverty than in Detroit. Also, more wealthy people are there than in Greenwich.

Almost anyone living in Brooklyn will tell you that:
1. Brooklyn has fewer tourists and it feels less crowded overall
2. Life will be much more laid back after moving to Brooklyn
3. Brooklyn is much homier and people are kinder

Breaking Common Stereotypes

Some people are uncomfortable with making a change. A decision to move can be a real challenge. Especially if moving to Brooklyn. People associate Brooklyn borough with unpleasant things. Some of them are high crime rates or poor education. Diversity or poor job prospects are common concerns, too. That is only one side of it. Brooklyn is a vibrant place, with many fun things to do. A plus is no tourists to bother you. The rent, the food, the clothes…it is all cheaper. People are open and friendly. Know how to avoid scams when moving and it will be all right.

A variety of options available in Brooklyn

Some people move to Brooklyn because of gentrification.
Gentrification is a big reason why so many have recently moved to Brooklyn.

Before your relocation to Brooklyn, you should know something. There are over 30 neighborhoods in this borough. Each is distinct and unique. Therefore, you’ll be able to find anything you like. That is why people are massively moving to Brooklyn. But, the prices vary, as well. You may be looking for a safe area to raise children. Or great public and private schools. Park Slope, Windsor Terrace or Gowanus are the right choice for that. However, it is expensive. Williamsburg and Greenpoint offer reasonable prices. Those are places for young professionals, artists, and writers. There are also many others. DUMBO, Fort Greene, and Bushwick are quite popular.
Many things will have to be taken care of once you relocate. Hiring a proper moving services company, like U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, NY can help you set up quickly after a Brooklyn move. Then you can get to know the neighborhood. In spite of dealing with all the stress of the move, soon you’ll see that Brooklyn was worth the hassle.  It was a home to Barbra Streisand, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Neil Diamond and many other great people. There is a reason why.

Relocation To Brooklyn: A Reel Neighborhood Feel

People choose to move to Brooklyn because they want that feeling of a neighborhood. They want to have a favorite bakery or a barista who knows their name. It is great to have secluded streets to explore on an afternoon stroll. What adds a special charm to this borough is Stoops culture. Stoops are the stairs in front of each house, where people sit and socialize. Brooklynites are friendly and ready to mingle.

Backyard fun

If you move to Brooklyn, it is likely that you’ll have a backyard and friendly neighbors to invite over.
In case you are relocating from abroad, Brooklyn can be even more exciting to you. It is the right place to start exploring the Big Apple and the States overall. Here, you’ll blend in easily as a foreigner. Over 50% of inhabitants speak a language other than English in their household. There are is a story about each building, shop or restaurant. Streets are open for everyone to express their creativity. Trees wearing sweaters, a local music scene, an outdoor food festival, Stoops culture.  Backyards and stunning rooftop views may be the best.

Gentrification – Cool People, and Cool Places

Street art is an important part of relocation to Brooklyn.
If you’re relocating to Brooklyn, check out street art in Bushwick.

Brooklyn has undergone massive transformation and gentrification is a part of it. This is something that many find appealing. It can be a good reason to relocate to Brooklyn borough. Some of NYC’s trendiest restaurants and bars are now located in Brooklyn.

Bushwick, for example, is the second coolest neighborhood on the planet, according to Vogue. It is an eccentric, artistic neighborhood in central Brooklyn. Bushwick is actually a set of outdoor galleries. Brooklyn warehouses were turned into a creative epicenter for street artists and their murals and graffiti. Whether you’ve recently moved to Brooklyn or are just visiting for the weekend, you can book a tour.  This edgy, evolving neighborhood is a home to mostly urban professionals. It is something quite unique and hard to find anywhere else.

Greenspace Areas as a Motive for relocation to Brooklyn

Most transplants to Brooklyn tend to compare it to Manhattan. It often ends with a conclusion that Manhattan is more pompous. The real Brooklynites, however, know to take pride in their borough and what it has to offer.

For example, Prospect Park in Brooklyn borough is amazing. This is actually an improvement of Central Park in Manhattan. The same designers designed both parks, but the one in Brooklyn has even more to offer. A Lake, a Boathouse, the 90-acre Long Meadow, even a Zoo and “Dog Beach” – a swimming hole for dogs. The Prospect Park offers almost any outdoor activity. McCarren Park and Fort Greene Park are stunning, as well. So, there is never a shortage of outdoor fun and recreation areas in Brooklyn.
Green spaces for leisure with friends, family or pets are common drivers for moving to Brooklyn. It is known that “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. Meaning that it’s green and pretty.

Brooklyn relocation: Less Traffic – More Fun

Upon moving to Brooklyn from other areas of NY expect to be pleasantly surprised. For the first time in a while, you will be able to park your car hassle-free. Moving around the city without honking or yelling will be a blast.

Relocation To Brooklyn: Becoming One Of The Brooklynites

When can you really call yourself a Brooklynite? If after your relocation to Brooklyn you do these couple of things, consider yourself a legitimate inhabitant of Brooklyn borough.

  • Referring to Manhattan as “the city”
  • Your version of installation art is belts and socks hanging from power lines.
  • Secretly, you know you’re better than everyone else because you’re from Brooklyn.
  • When people think only of “Manhattan” when talking about NYC, you are irritated.
  • You speak “Brooklynese” but know how to cover up your accent so it wouldn’t come off too strong. That is when you can call yourself a Brooklynite.

It takes a while after relocating to Brooklyn to get used to it. Months may go by before you realize its uniqueness. Starting from the Wyckoff House, the oldest house in New York, built in 1638. – to the new installations in the edgy Bushwick, the past, present and the future collide in Brooklyn. That should be more than enough reason to move there and give this borough a chance.

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