It’s that time of the year again where you feel confident and secure enough to examine your choices, but also, ponder on a possibility of a better life you want to provide for yourself. In addition to being aware of your struggles, having gone to the same thing recently myself, what if I told that the whole moving process doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would usually imagine? And what if I told you that by reading this piece, you’ll get enough moving and packing tips that will certainly put you in the mood to start planning? There is only one way to be certain, so stick around to find out!

Choosing Your Desired Destination

This is one really tricky part in particular, because your ideal place of habitat depends on many personal traits and preferences. Adding a salt to the wound in this case is if you’re unsure of whether you want to stay in your current country, move to a different state, or maybe even internationally. I’ll try to give you a few options, because options mean limitations, and limitations mean you won’t go wandering to all of the seven continents, if you’re not sure where you’d like to live.

  • Best Places to Live in Europe:
  1. Helsinki, the Capital of Finland.
  2. Hamburg, one the most culturally diverse cities in Germany.
  3. Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, which due to its high standards maintained at the top of the best livable European cities for a several years now.
  • Best Places to Live in Asia:
  1. Kyoto, a city in Japan, abundant in ancient culture, traditions, architecture and art, combined with the modern everyday life.
  2. Siem Reap, an amazing city in Cambodia, also filled with beautiful and rich history, as well as with some amazing festivals and great shopping deals.
  3. Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand, may be one of the most urban cities you’ll get to experience, beside its incredible daily life and cutting edge architecture.
  • Best Places to Live in Africa:
  1. Cape Town, a coastal city in South Africa is a home to the breath-taking landscape and is close to other culturally important landmarks.
  2. Nairobi, Kenya is just the thing for those who love nature incorporated into their everyday life.
  3. Johannesburg, South Africa is just the right place for those who feel like experiencing a great diversity in a world-class city.
  • Best Places to Live in America:
  1. Denver, Colorado, US is a city at the base of The Rocky Mountains, which is perfect for all kinds of sport activities.
  2. Albert, Canada is a really nice mix between big incomes, and low housing prices.
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina a.k.a. The Paris of Latin America is there to wake up all of your passions, and bring them to life!

Moving Your Life

Packing before a big move can be exhausting, especially if you’re doing it alone. My personal advice for packing is that you still do it all by yourself. If you have friends, or family members over, once you start unpacking, it will be a mess to find what is where. There aren’t many special tricks on how to pack, but a good organization can save you a lot of time. For that purpose, I’ll share my room-to-room methodology with you. And don’t forget: boxes, boxes and boxes!

  • Kitchen: Try to pack up everything as soon as possible. Make sure to bubble wrap all of the glass ware and those fine China plates your mom gave you. Leave one plate, pair of utensils, a mug, and a pan aside. Why? The truth is, you won’t need more than that. In your final week before the move, treat yourself to a few meals out, or order in, and in case you want to prepare something quick, you won’t have to go through the boxes.
  • Bedroom: Vacuum bags are great! Fold your clothes nicely, pack them into those bags, suck the air out, and voila! This way, you’re saving space, making things easier to carry, and as a bonus, you’ll have clean, and wrinkle-free clothing on the go. Here too you’ll want to leave two complete outfits and a few pairs of lingerie aside. We’ll cover the reason later.
  • Bathroom: Bulky items, and a bunch of those brushes you barely used, can be the first to go. Hairdryer? On the day of your move, you can wear a hat. Pack that sucker right up. Leave a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and a shower gel aside.
  • Living room/Dining room: This is probably the toughest one. Just make sure that all of your belongings are stored safely. Make sure to coordinate with your moving company on who packs the furniture, and how to do it.

There are several other things that could makes this experience a lot easier. Make sure you’re all packed and ready to go at least a week before the big day. That way when you wake up on the morning of the big move, you’ll get a good, stress-free start. Now, all of those items you’ve been putting aside? They go right into your emergency box. Yes, that’s how you’ll label it! Once you get to your new place, you’ll be exhausted, but you’ll still need to refresh and eat, so you’ll have the bare necessities at hand. As for the other boxes, to make unpacking even faster, make a list while packing, of all the things that are in the boxes, and use the scotch tape to tape it to the visible spot on the box, so you know what’s in it, before you even open it.

Relocating Your Thoughts

Give yourself a pat on the back for making through this long list of possibilities, but hopefully, it has got you intrigued in some way. For other amazing ideas and thoughts on where to go and why, be sure to check more of us out. Happy decision making!


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