Renovation and moving in: how to handle both

Words "time to change" on a board

Anyone who has ever moved knows that feeling of excitement when they have to move into a new space. Also, the feeling of disappointment when we realize that everything does not look exactly as we thought is well known. The trend of staging homes has led to the fact that landlords or sellers of apartments have perfected the art of deception. Because of this, it can often happen that when viewing the location it looks completely different from how it looks when we get the keys in our hands. Sometimes renovating the space is the only option. In this case, you need to handle renovation and moving in at the same time and that could be exhausting. There is a way to make it easier for yourself.

Get ready for some serious work

Moving in is usually a situation in which all your belongings are packed in boxes piled up in different parts of the apartment. It is very inconvenient to find a new place for everything if you have to renovate the space. To make the situation as simple as possible, if you have to renovate and move in, it would be good to:

  • Rent a storage
  • Do one task at a time

Unforeseen situations require quick and efficient solutions. That’s why it would be good if you complicate things and solve the problem in the simplest way. This will probably cost you, but because of that, it is necessary, when planning the move, to set aside a part of the budget in advance in case of unforeseen expenses.

You will need space to renovate

Whether your renovation requires only painting or replacement or repair of carpentry, parquet, or electrical installations, it will require space. It’s extremely difficult to work surrounded by boxes while worrying about bumping into or breaking something. For that reason, storage is the best option. In addition, you will remove things from the space, they will be in a safe place, hidden but also within easy reach. This will also make unpacking easier for you because you will be able to unpack box by box and those things that are primary and necessary in an organized and targeted manner.

Renovation and moving in are possible to handle

Renovation and moving in should be done one by one

Trying to renovate room by room while furnishing them at the same time will, in most cases, end in failure. In addition to being very physically demanding, things can be damaged. This can be a very bad idea if you are moving with your family. More people means more chaos. That’s why it works one at a time. In this way, the renovation will be completed faster and it will be easier for you to move in and furnish the space.

a brush and a can of paint for performing renovation and moving in
Change your home with a little bit of effort

There is no simple way to handle both, renovation and moving in, but with a little organization, it is possible to do it. You need to take some extra steps, that is for sure, but in the end, you will be happy with the result.

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