Safest cities in Maryland in 2022


Thinking about the relocation to MD this year? One of the first steps to take is to choose where you will live. It is not a small decision to make and safety is always in the first place? Therefore, where are the safest cities in Maryland in 2022, and how to choose the right place for you and your family? Also, there is a question – how to move?

Why are people moving to Maryland?

What are the pros of moving to MD and what does this state has to offer to residents?

  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Proximity to big cities
  • Delicious food
  • Unique culture

This state has something for everyone, it is a very diverse place. There are cities in Maryland to retire and cities perfect for young professionals. More and more people are moving to Maryland because the location is great and the economy is strong.

A father with a baby.
A lot of families with kids are moving to Maryland because it is a safe place

How to decide where to move?

Safety is not the only factor to think about. A moving company Helix Transfer & Storage can relocate you to one of the MD cities, but you need to research first. Other factors that may affect the decision are:

  • The costs of living
  • Job availability
  • Crime rate
  • Commute time
  • Quality of education
  • Healthcare
  • Desirability and happiness

The list of safest cities in Maryland to consider moving to

If you want a peaceful life and a city with a low crime rate, Maryland has to offer you different options. Many retirees and families with kids are looking for safe places. Some of the cities in MD to consider as your new home are.

A map of the safest cities in Maryland
Choose the best city in MD and move there for good


Gaithersburg is a big town in MD that is diverse, fun, and safe. Nevertheless, it is one of the most diverse cities in MD. Mostly, younger people live there and the median age of the population is 35.6. To move here with ease, specialists from the area can help with moving in. 

Ocean Pines

The violent crime rate in Ocean Pines is only 0.7 per 100k people which is considered one of the safest cities in Maryland. If you are looking for a quiet area, then this may be it. This town offers residents a rural feel and it is one of the places in Maryland to raise a family in 2022.


If you are retired, Glenarden may be the perfect choice for you. 33% of the total population has more than 55. The violent crime rate here is 0.6 per 100k people. Washington D.C. is very close to Glenarden, only 35 minutes by car.


Another city in MD that has a low crime rate is Centreville. A small city with charm – rustic and full of history. It is not a place for younger adults, but it is for families and retirees. It is a small place and one of the safest cities in Maryland, but it has plenty of services and businesses for residents to enjoy.

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