Small town living- tips and tricks

Peaceful small town living.

What is like to live in a small town? Small town living has both, pros and cons and if you decided to move, be prepared. What to do, why to move, how to move? Moving from a big city to a small town is a big change, but it doesn’t mean, it is a bad one. Having a guide will help you move and adjust after moving. So, let’s start.

Why move to a small town?

Why do people move to small towns and what are the advantages of a small town living? If you still have doubts about relocation, then you should know first why to move and change the entire life.

A question mark.
Make the right decision about moving to a small town.
  • Affordable houses are one of the main reasons for a small town living. Homes in small towns are so much cheaper than homes in big cities. Why pay $2,000 for housing when you can pay half the price?
  • As well as affordable housing, the general costs of living are also lower. Transportation, utilities, taxes, goods, food, insurance, etc. You will save more money and have a less stressful life.
  • Small towns in the US have trendy communities with the art scene. Many people think that only big cities such as NYC or San Francisco are places for young hippies, but the truth is that those cities are too expensive for young artists.
  •  One of the perks of living in a large city is that life is quick and something is always happening, but some people wants a peaceful life with less stress around. Small towns don’t have traffic jams or parking problems, noise at 3 am, crowds, etc.
  • Some small towns have better job opportunities than big cities. Also, the competition is lower, so job security is better.
  • Smaller towns are better for raising a family or retirement. You can enjoy life in the slow lane and the crime rates are usually lower in towns. People are friendly and welcoming.

Moving to a small town

How to move to a small town and relocate all your items? Homes in small towns are usually bigger, so you can transport all your belonging and not worry about storage spaces.

But, before renovating your new home, you should first move. The best and safest option is to hire a professional and reliable moving company and your household goods are in good hands. One of the companies you can book is Evolution Moving Company NB. But, choose a couple of companies and compare their bids.

If you didn’t decide where to move and which town to choose, these are some of the best towns in the USA you can move to:

Tips and tricks for a small town living – how to adjust?

How to act in a small town after moving there? What to do? How to adjust faster and to meet locals? Lifestyle is so much different. If you will live in a small town for the first time, you definitely need some tips and tricks. After a while, you will feel like you belong there, for sure.

  • Don’t gossip and avoid getting involved in anything that is similar to gossip. It is common in almost every small town because everyone knows each other, but don’t involve yourself in those conversations.
  • Find other people that moved from a big city and ask for advice. They went through the same problems as you.
  • Don’t expect too much and put the limit because small towns don’t have plenty of nightclubs, big retailers, many people your age, etc. Your everyday life will change, so be prepared for that.
  • You should listen to other people but make your own opinions and judgments. If you read something online, it doesn’t have to be true. After all, every person is different. If something is boring or bad for someone else, it doesn’t have to be boring for you.
  • The pace of life is slower, so be patient.
  • After you moved into your new home, meet the locals and invite them to tea or coffee. Make a good first impression. Say HELLO and introduce yourself and your family.
  • Don’t compare a big city with a small town, they have nothing in common. It will just drive you crazy and make nostalgic.
Drinking coffee.
Make a coffee and invite your new neighbors.

Learn about your town and be part of a community

After (and during) adjusting, you should learn more about the town you are living in. You will love it even more. No matter where you live, New York, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, these tips will work even if you are moving from a big city to a small town in MA.

Houses in a neighborhood.
People are more friendly, so be part of the community.
  • Drive around the town and learn where grocery stores are, coffee shops, bookstore, parks, etc. Also, you can walk and relax.
  • Adapt to new social norms and learn the town’s tradition and you should have good manners. People re more open, so they will interact with you.
  • Find your new favorite spots in town such as a favorite coffee shop or a restaurant. Ask locals what spots are the best and get some recommendations.
  • Talk to locals, don’t avoid them, it is rude and you will feel lonely. You can learn a lot of thig from them.
  • Join a group (choose the one you like the most) and volunteer. For example, a book club, parent-teacher organization, volunteer in a soup kitchen, etc.
  • To get information on local services, visit the Chamber of Commerce and be involved in the town’s events.
  • To know what is happening in the city and to really be part of a small town living, subscribe to a local newspaper, and you will always have a subject to talk with your neighbors.


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