The ultimate spring cleaning and storage guide

A bucket for cleaning.

Winter is over and now it is time to wake up and to do some small home projects. Decluttering and making more space in a home is a good way to get rid of unnecessary items and to organize your rooms. Spring cleaning and storage are a perfect way to start a year after a long and cold winter. People are more at home when it is rainy and snowy, so a house may be messy.

Spring cleaning and storage – tips and tricks

Make your home more beautiful, it does not have to cost you a cent. Most people have items they don’t use often, or they don’t use them at all. So, why to keep them, it will just make a clutter in your home. So, here are some tips on how to make more space in your home and how to declutter a garage, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Renting a storage unit

First of all, you need to figure out where to store all your items you don’t want to keep in your house. Renting a storage unit is a perfect solution for decluttering your home and making more space. You can store anything you want, from clothing to Christmas decorations, kids’ toys, etc. One of the companies that can move and store all your household items is Shetler Moving. Choose the right size storage unit and your spring cleaning can start. By removing all unnecessary items from your home, it will look completely different

A dining room.
Leave in your home only items you are using and the rest items store in a storage unit

Cleaning tips

When you find a unit where you will be able to store everything, start separating items. All the items before storing should be cleaned because dust and dirt may damage them. And also, every room should be deep cleaned. To make the job easier – make a to-do list.

  • First, you will need cleaning supplies for spring cleaning and storage such as duster, broom, vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, furniture polish, dish soap, gloves, disinfectant spray, paper towels, garbage bags, moving boxes, wrapping material.
  • Polish the kitchen and purge the pantry, you can start from cleaning the fridge. Organize your kitchen cabinets by grouping similar items together. Wash all the dishes, dust light fixtures, and cabinets, wash kitchen appliances, etc. In the end, clean the kitchen floor. If you need to clean your home before you move keep in mind that potential buyers will pay attention to the kitchen.
  • Deep-clean bathrooms by decluttering the cabinets and then start scrubbing. If you just moved in, then replace the toilet, don’t try to wash it. Don’t forget to wash shower curtains and to throw out any expired or damaged items.
  • Now, clean the living room, deep-clean the carpets, and the sofas. The best is to hire professional cleaners because they have special appliances for cleaning those items. Also, clean surfaces under couches and dust all the books and decorations. Do the same in the bedrooms.
A girl doing spring cleaning and storage.
Clean your home with ease

Do a spring cleaning and storage easy and fast. Ask for help or if you don’t have time, hire a professional cleaning company in your area. Your house will look different, especially if you repaint your walls and do some small changes.

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