How to stay safe when moving heavy items?

Moving heavy items

As much as we moving may be a rough topic, and a tough thing to do, we wish to begin this on a different note. First of all, congratulations on your move! It may not be as important what the reason for the move is. It’s a change, and we honestly hope it is for the better! Now for the bad part. Moving is difficult. Moving heavy items is worse. Doing it all on your own is a nightmare. 

We hope that the last thing is not the case. Considering just how many moving companies are out there, it would be a shame if you had to go through all that on your own. The point is – for a little extra coin, you let a team of professionals handle your move for you. This makes everything so much better and far more enjoyable. It is because of this that we strongly recommend that you hire moving companies.

Moving heavy items – How to

Still, if you are stuck doing everything on your own, there are ways around it. It is not impossible, but it just proves to be far more difficult than you’d hope. In case you are all on your own, Zippy Shell Columbus can offer plenty of solutions to help you out in this endeavor. You can rely on them too, at least, help you with the heavy lifting, in case your heart is set on doing everything else on your own.

Learn how to handle heavy items in a safe manner, because if you have to move things from your bedroom by yourself you will have a hard time.
Moving a king sized bed or a cupboard is certainly not an easy thing.

But, when we are on the subject of moving heavy items, what do we consider as heavy items? We classify everything that is more than 22 pounds heavy. These things require a healthy adult to lift and move about. No children and no senior citizens will be able to move this around with ease, as they shouldn’t. These items can be anything, but they are most frequently furniture. Large closets, couches, sofas, beds… That kind of stuff.

Moving heavy items alone

Can you do it alone? Yes. Is it risky? Also, yes. The risk is two-fold. First, you risk injuring yourself, which is the worst bit. You really ought to be careful when lifting something this heavy, because the number of things that can go wrong is astronomical. This is why something like this should be left to professionals.

If you doubt that you have the strength to move the heavy things, it probably bests that you don’t try it and accidentally injure yourself.
You can’t gain strength to move heavy things in a second, like turning into Superman.

Dropping something may, also, result in damage to the item. Especially if you are in a situation where you need to carry something down a few flights of stairs. Dropping something this far down will almost certainly mean that after that it becomes useless. If we haven’t scared you enough already then it is probably certain that you will proceed to do everything on your own.

The first thing you want to have when you decide to do this is friends. If you are going to move everything on your own, you should not consider doing it alone. It is unnecessarily difficult and, more importantly, dangerous. Also, you might need to educate yourself on how to pack heavy things. In case an accident happens, you will want someone there to help you. If you’re alone, and you stumble a flight of stairs… Well, let’s not think about that scenario. But if it does happen, you are in big trouble!

The right equipment

Secondly, if you really insist on doing everything on your own, you will need the right tools. You, technically, can do without them. But, every time you think about going without them – remember the risk factor. Decide against it. Not worth it. Now the problem with having the tools comes back to money. Deciding against hiring professional moving assistance is done in order to save money. But getting these tools is expensive, so you end up spending money anyway. The best scenario is if you had someone to borrow these tools from. That would make it work. In that specific case, you would still end up saving money. Otherwise, it could be a waste.

Professionals have the best tools and equipment, and so they will avoid unnecessary work if they can use a machine to do it instead of them.
The heaviest of things are moved by forklift because sometimes it’s best to let the machine do the heavy work.

The right equipment is almost imperative. You could go about doing it all without it, but with extreme discomfort. You’d want to have at least a couple of straps for all the heavy lifting. It is almost impossible to do it without. The next thing you will have to have is a panel cart. At least one. Then, there is the forearm forklift and the moving harness. All of these tools are expensive to buy and not that easy to use if you’ve never used them before. The fact remains, if you are going to do this on your own, you have to learn how to handle heavy items in a safe manner.

The right skill set

If you have nobody in your environment to teach you how to do all the heavy lifting, you will have to explore the internet. Fortunately, there are countless online videos and tutorials showing how you can lift and move heavy objects. The most difficult parts when moving heavy items is the navigation through tight hallways and passageways. The second most difficult part of this task is the navigation down and up the stairs. And lastly, loading and unloading the truck. These present the far most difficult aspects of moving heavy items on your own. If you are going to do everything on your own, explore various YouTube tutorials explaining how you can do all of these.

They are very descriptive and usually made by experienced movers. I am afraid that improvising should not be something to resort to. Too risky. Moreover, not necessary.



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