Storage renting for beginners

a storage unit, read about Storage renting for beginners

Having storage is great because it can be used in many different types of situations. For example, when you move house, and not everything can fit in a moving truck, you can put it in your storage unit. If your house is getting overcrowded with items, you can free up some space and put your belongings in a storage unit. However, you might not know anything about storage units and need help. To help you, we have storage renting for beginners.

Storage renting for beginners – what type of storage units are there?

To know what storage unit to rent and what storage unit to use , you need to understand what type of storage units there are. There are three types of storage options you can rent:

  • The first type of storage unit is an outdoor storage unit. An outdoor storage unit is the cheapest option. Because of the price, it does not provide the best protection. It is better to rent this type of storage unit for your more durable things, items that are not affected by the weather.

  • The second type of storage in our article about storage renting for beginners is indoor storage. This type of storage is more expensive than an outdoor storage unit. However, with this one, you get more protection. Your stuff will be inside and will not be affected by the weather as much as in outdoor storage. Also, your stuff won’t get stolen because there is security protecting it.

  • The final type of storage is a climate-controlled storage unit. This is the most expensive option. You get everything you have with an indoor storage unit, plus you can adjust the climate. This can prevent rust and many other damages caused by weather.

man sitting on a chair with a book
Learning about types of storage can help you make a decision

The size of a storage unit

Before you rent a storage unit, you have to find out what size you need. Storage units are a great way to maximize space, so you would also want to maximize space in your storage unit. You will get the measuring tape and write down the dimensions of every item you plan to put in a storage unit. Be careful when measuring you do not want to make a lot of mistakes and overpay for storage. By getting the exact dimensions of your items, you will be able to save money on storage. However, even though you have measured out your belongings, you should get a little bit more storage than you think you need in case.

a measuring tape
Getting the right size is a must tip in a guide to storage renting for beginners

Storage for beginners – How to pack your items before you store them

Now when you have the size and the right storage unit, you have to pack your stuff. For things that you will be taking out fast out of storage do not go overboard with protecting. With things that you plan on keeping for a long time, get good packing materials and protect them. Hope our article on storage for beginners helps you, and you should know that there are pros and cons of renting a storage unit.

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