The benefits of moving to San Jose

Palm trees.

Ever thought of moving to San Jose, California? People usually always pick Los Angeles as their favorite moving destination when they move to California, but San Jose is not much different. It is a very exotic city, located in the northern part of the country. It is the third largest city in California and the tenth most populous city in the USA. A well-known city for technology and business, San Jose might be the perfect choice for you. But, of all places, why move to San Jose? To answer that question, we have prepared this article detailing all the benefits of moving to San Jose.

Downtown San Jose

The center of the city is considered to be the literal museum of technology and advancement. Since San Jose is an extremely urban city, the center of technology is located in the downtown area. From technological museums to the pride of urban advancement, Downtown San Jose offers everything technology-related for visitors and locals alike.

Some gears.
The gears of technology are well-oiled in San Jose.

If you like science and technology, this is the perfect city for you. The famous tech museum of innovation is right there, and it is definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. So, prepare your moving checklist and check San Jose for its urban setting. Moreover, it is never boring in Downtown San Jose. Bars and clubs are as lively as in any other city. So, technology plus fun? What is not to like about that?

Little Portugal, San Jose

If you like different cultures, then Little Portugal in San Jose is the perfect place for you. True to its name, Little Portugal is the area in San Jose which blends Portuguese and American cultures into one. Ever tried Portuguese food? The rich mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic flavors will tickle your palate. Fish, pastries, sweets, oysters and many more delicacies of the Portuguese cuisine will make you choose San Jose as your next destination. Furthermore, people living there are very friendly. We also have to mention all the amazing sights. California is beautiful, but Little Portugal in San Jose is the gem of America.

Japantown will get you packing and moving to San Jose

Speaking of cultures, Japantown in San Jose is very exotic as well. You guessed it – you can explore Japanese culture there as well! How cool is that? Japan has one of the most famous cultures in the world. Combine that with the Portuguese and American cultures, and you have a melting pot of culture all in one place.

A woman pouring some sake into the glass that a man is holding.
Getting to know the Japanese culture (and their sake) is one of the benefits of moving to San Jose.

Apart from sake, there’s nothing better than drinking some traditional Japanese tea to ensure that you have a stress-free move. Not to mention the festivities during their national holidays! It’s something worth seeing and San Jose is the best place for that outside of Japan. Other Asian cultures exist in Japantown as well. Namely, people of Chinese and Korean origin call Japantown their home. San Jose is truly blessed with this cultural diversity.

Almaden Valley, San Jose

Almaden Valley or, simply, Almaden is a beautiful area. It greatly contrasts the rest of the city. While San Jose is urban in general, Almaden offers a more naturalistic view of the city. Namely, there is a large park there with a view of the lake. If you move to San Jose and you get bored with the urban surroundings, then this is the best place for you to go on a field trip. The park is a beautiful place and many tourists explore the surroundings at all times.

Two wine glasses next to some grapes, illustrating one of the benefits of moving to San Jose.
You can enjoy some great wine in San Jose.

Also, Almaden has a beautiful winery from the 19th century, which is totally worth visiting. This winery is the oldest winery in all of California.

Other things to do after moving to San Jose

  • Meeting new people. San Jose is rich in American, European and Asian cultures. Thus, a lot of different nationalities live there. It is always exciting to meet someone from a different background. You can go around and explore Europe and Asia without traveling there. Not to mention the well-known generosity and hospitality of both the Japanese and the Portuguese people.
  • Pub-crawling! Pub-crawling is fun in San Jose due to the aforementioned reasons. You can try Japanese sake or an exotic brandy from Portugal. Not to mention the general liveliness of the people. It’s always fun pub-crawling with friends.
  • Enjoying the technological rise. Technology and San Jose go well together. Since you avoided common moving mistakes and didn’t move elsewhere, you can experience it in person any day you’d like! Science fairs, new museums, public experiments… Everything exists in San Jose! It would be a shame to miss out on all the extraordinary fun.
  • Sights. San Jose has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. From Evergreen to Willow Glen, there is always something new and interesting to see in San Jose. You can take a tour on your own or hire a tour guide. Both work perfectly well in such a city. Moreover, you can even do sightseeing from a tour helicopter. There is nothing better than a warm Californian breeze brushing your hair while looking on San Jose from above.
  • Work opportunities. Since San Jose is an urban setting (with a few exceptions), there is always work to be found there. If you are more interested in moving to San Jose for your career, then go ahead – you won’t regret it! A perfect place for you no matter if you like a lively lifestyle or a more quiet one. You will always find work in San Jose.

To conclude

San Jose is an amazing city. Almost everything that can be seen in Los Angeles can also be found there. People are friendly and open. The climate is beautiful. There are serene parks and exotic sights where you can relax and enhance both your mind and your soul. What’s more, a lot of different cultures happily coexist there. San Jose does not sound like an attractive place at first, but when you look at it this way – it sure is!

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