The Best Neighborhoods in Pahrump, NV – 2022 Edition

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If you are planning a move then consider Nevada. It is a place that has so many good locations to visit, experience, and live in.  It is easy to find the perfect city for you in Nevada. If you set your heart to NV then you must consider moving to Pahrump. This small town has a lot of charm and is an attractive place today. Close to Las Vegas but still away from the noise and crowds. Pahrump is great for families and commuters. But before moving here in 2022,  make sure you learn more about the best neighborhoods in Pahrump, NV.

A word about Pahrump

In short, Pahrump is a haven for newcomers to Nevada. Especially to those that are running away from the rush of big cities. This is a small town that has something to offer to everyone. It is great for raising children and retiring but it also offers something that will satisfy everyone in between. Pahrump is a medium-sized town with a population of just over 35000 inhabitants. This is a town of workers and service providers.

The town is quiet and calm due to its small population but it is a very diverse place. Inhabitants are a diverse mixture of races, ethnicities, and languages. However, it is a place with a tight-knit community and a high sense of solidarity. Today it is a town suitable for retirees that are moving here frequently.

A trailer home in the desert
Pahrump has some of the best neighborhoods to settle down in and a good house market

Although a small and quiet town Pahrump has a lot to offer. However, if there is something you lack you can find it in Las Vegas which is just a 45 min drive away. So, this place is great as it allows you to enjoy the quiet life and small-town vibe while also taking advantage of the big city amenities. As it is a small town it tends to be cheap. It is very affordable by Nevada standards and it certainly beats Las Vegas. As such today it is one of the best places to retire in Nevada taking fourth place.

Another aspect of Pahrump affordability is the home prices. Median home values are well below the US average. At the same time, they are well below the state average. With this in mind, some of the best neighborhoods in Pahrump are the most expensive. These are quiet and crime-free areas that draw in families. This is the primary reason why Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are very busy trying to satisfy the needs of many people moving in.

Pahrump neighborhoods

Now that we know a bit more about the town let’s explore its neighborhoods. As a rule, all of the locations to the northeast are relatively cheaper and most affordable. The South part of the town is home to the most desirable neighborhoods. The demand for housing is driving the prices up so these are a bit more expensive. The best neighborhoods to settle in Pahrump are:

  • Johnnie – Crystal
  • Hafen Ranch Rd – E Kellogg Rd
  • Town Center
  • Homestead Rd – E Gamebird Rd

Johnnie – Crystal

This neighborHood is one of the least crowded in the US. So if you are looking for more space, less traffic and fewer people the area is right for you. This is a place of diversity and multiethnicity. It offers a rural feel and has a tight knot community. Johnnie – Christal is the neighborhood with above-average home prices, and at the same time, the market consists of mostly mobile homes and medium to small-sized homes. There are many vacancies since the construction boom in 2000.

Las Vegas sign
The proximity of Vegas makes up for everything that the town can’t offer

Town Center

The town center offers a more suburban feel that is perfect for families and retirees. This area is considered to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods for retirees in the state. The population is a mixture of young people and old. The market is predominantly made of homes that are suitable for families while a lot of retirees rent here. The median home value is well above the state average but its small-town feel makes this neighborhood highly desirable.

Retirees are moving here in large numbers and settling down with the helo local movers in the area.  The diversity of the population and their different needs are mirrored with the offer in the neighborhood. From bars and restaurants to more quiet amenities this neighborhood can fit and satisfy anyone’s needs

Hafen Ranch Rd – E Kellogg Rd

Offering a moire rural feel Hafen Ranch Rd – E Kellogg Rd is a neighborhood with homes that are above the average values, it is primarily made of family homes and mobile homes. Most of the real estate is owner-occupied. This is one of the neighborhoods most suited for retirees. Many of them invest in property in this neighborhood.

With all of the amenities needed right at hand, this Pahrump neighborhood has it all. It is safe with one of the lowest crime rates and offers a wide range of housing options. It is a diverse place of highly skilled workers and highly educated seniors. So, if you are looking for a retirement option then you should organize your move to one of the best neighborhoods in Pahrump. Make sure that your movers provide the best possible service for your relocation here.

A senior couple is enjoying sunset in one of the best neighborhoods in Pahrump.
Pahrump is one of the top places to retire in Nevada

Homestead Rd – E Gamebird Rd

If you are looking for a more rural feel this neighborhood is for you. This neighborhood is a mixture of Hungarian and Scottish ancestry and is a diverse but slow community. This is also one of the best places for retirees as it is on the cheaper side than other neighborhoods. Anyone wanting to move here should get acquainted and adapt to small-town living. Most homes here are vacant all year round. While they tend to have visitors during the vacation season. This seasonal character makes the neighborhood perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Final notes

Pahrump is one of the best places to retire in Nevada but it’s much more than that. The town has a lot to offer and is drawing people in. Affordability, weather a lot to do, and the proximity of Vegas are all desirable aspects. If you research more on the best neighborhoods in Pahrump to settle down you are bound to find just what you need.  So, do more research and start preparing for a move to Pahrump in 2022.

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