The coziest family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia

North Virginia landscape

Northern Virginia is one of the best places to settle in. It is a place of incredible beauty, and a lot to do and experience. It is also a place of great US history and heritage. These are all great reasons to both visit and move here. In addition,  great schools, nature, and booming economy and career prospects draw families in. As a popular and desirable destination, this is a place many want to move to. So, let’s explore a bit and list some of the great family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia to live in.

A bit about NV

Known as NOVA, Northern Virginia is the place to be. In close proximity to Washington DC, this still is a place of its own. It offers great nature and outdoor activities as well as plenty of places to settle in. With plenty of small towns, cities, and neighborhoods that are perfect for seeking peace and quiet it is a mecca for families. Northern Virginia is safe and attractive. It is a mix of heritage and history, culture, and sold architecture. However, it is a diverse region offering almost everything to everyone. This family place is a magnet for families from all over the US. However, although local Beltway Movers can help you out moving you should first choose the place to move to. So, here is a short overview of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia.

  • Falls Church
  • Brambleton
  • Jefferson Park
  • Warrenton
  • Vienna
  • Clarendon

Falls Church

This place is nicknamed the Little City due to the small area it occupies. this neighborhood offers a short commute to DC during the workweek. At the same time, it offers a relaxing and slower pace in this small neighborhood. The families here can choose between a number of historical old homes or between the new construction and a number of new condos. This neighborhood has a small-town feel with the knowledge that all of the amenities of a big city are a short drive away. Asa such this place is one of the best for retirement and relaxation for seniors.

Urban neighborhood family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia
There is a mixture of urban and suburban feel in many neighborhoods here


Based in Loudoun County Brambleton is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the US. It is the new and developing neighborhoods that are drawing people in due to their new and modern infrastructure. It is also a great place to invest in property. Many families moving here are buying homes and new build condos. In addition, the area offers a great Laundon County park with great trails and well-preserved nature. Besides this focal point of the park, the neighborhood also has a developing Town Center. With all of the amenities, it offers it provides a more of cosmopolitan feel. So, this neighborhood offers a mixture of an urban and suburban feel that is appealing.

Jefferson Park

Jefferson park is a cozy and intimate neighborhood outside of Washington. Old-style homes, woodland areas, and large properties are staples of this neighborhood. Today the neighborhood offers a mixture of house styles and creative design that is appealing. At the same time, the area is quiet and peaceful. However, there is still a lot to do here. There is a neighborhood Labor day party for all of the neighbors as well as plenty of pastries and restaurants in the area.


Warrenton is a place that is located at the foot of the blue ridge mountains and a town with a rural feel. However, this place is changing and developing. Today it offers a rural town feel with a dynamic downtown and plenty to do. This place is safe and quiet with a lot to offer. This neighborhood is very walkable with plenty of shops and shopping opportunities. At the same time, it has several bars and great restaurants. All of this offers a nice contrast to the historical and vintage feel of old houses in the area. So, the neighborhood is a great mixture of old and new offering a great feel to the whole family.

Beautiful nature is the staple of this area

Places like Warrenton are what draw people to Northern Virginia. This is why families in search of some peace and quiet, as well as safe neighborhoods and great job opportunities, choose this area. If you chose to organize your move here be sure to trust experts with your items and valuables. Movers can provide a great service for families moving here.


Vienna is a suburb of Washington and is located in Fairfax County. It is a short ride away from the capital and it has a great position in the area. This neighborhood offers a great and cozy atmosphere but is also very well-connected. As such it offers the best of both worlds. Vienna is a place with beautiful streets and homes. It has some of the best schools in the area and plenty to offer to families. With many parks and trails, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities, bars, and restaurants it has something for everyone. The neighborhood offers a calm suburban feel but it is close to the rush of the big city should you need it. Today many consider it a good choice for young families and professionals that are moving into the area.


Close to Washington is Clarendon which is the place that attracts a lot of young professionals with families. The commute to DC is easy and fast, However, you can still enjoy the quieter atmosphere of the area. The neighborhood is very walkable and relaxing with some beautiful nature and great parks. Clarendon offers convenience and peace. It is also a place with many housing options and plenty of great family homes or condos if you desire. As such this is a place that has an urban vibe with a lot to do and still is relaxed.

Family with a child on a bicycle
There are many family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia.

A closing word on Northern Virginia

It is clear that Northern Virginia has a lot to offer to families. It is a great and beautiful area to live in. With many family-friendly neighborhoods in Northern Virginia, it is certainly a place to consider moving your family to. Once you find just what you need here you won’t regret the decision.

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