The pros and cons of living in Plymouth Meeting

A city view.

A lot of people are planning on moving from big cities to smaller towns because of everything that has been going on this year. And hence why a lot of people from Philadelphia are moving to Plymouth Meeting. Even people from other states consider moving to Plymouth Meeting as it is truly a great place to live in. And if you are thinking about doing the same, you should know about some of the pros and cons of living in Plymouth Meeting. This will help you decide whether this is the right place for you to move to.

Pros of living in Plymouth Meeting

As we want to focus on the good things, we want to tell you more about the pros of living in this small town.


This is a very safe town to live in. This is what attracts plenty of families to Plymouth Meeting. There aren’t a lot of people living in this town and it is what makes it safe. It is a true family town. There are also a lot of elderly people living here as it is very quiet too. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia have moved a lot of retirees over the last few months. 

Parents walking their child in the park and discussing living in Plymouth Meeting.
This is a great place for children to grow up in.


Housing in Plymouth Meeting is another thing that makes a lot of people move to this town. There are plenty of beautiful homes to be found here. Most of them are very spacious with big backyards. Living with a family here is perfect for this reason. Everyone will be able to have a room of their own. That is of course if you have the money to afford a home big enough. You should definitely hire professionals to avoid the stress of relocation so you can start enjoying living in your new Plymouth Meeting home.

Plenty of things to do

Living in Plymouth Meeting means always having what to do. This is a very fun place to live in. There is a lot of nature and greenery surrounding the town and in the town as well. There are also plenty of restaurants, parks, shops, and plenty of other things where you can spend your free time. Plus, you will still be living near Philadelphia which means you will be able to go there whenever you need or want to. This is a great college town in the US to live in if studying in Philadelphia.

Living in Plymouth Meeting means living near Philadelphia which can only be a good thing.


Now that you know about just some of the pros of living in Plymouth Meeting, you probably want to hear the bad side of it. And to be honest, there aren’t plenty of bad things to say about this place. The only one we would mention is the fact that real estate is on the more expensive side. The average housing price is around $370,000. This is a large amount of money considering that for this money you can buy a much bigger house in another state than you would buy in Plymouth Meeting. But you will be living in an amazing place. But the house search will at least be easy.

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