The right storage unit for your vehicle

The futuristic storage facility where you can find the right storage unit for your vehicle.

Storage units can be a great solution for those seeking a place to store their car for a certain amount of time. No matter if you are going on a long vacation without a car or you are a proud owner of one of the collectible old-timers, storage can save the day by providing you perfect conditions for your vehicle. Even if you possess an RV or a boat, you don’t have to worry, you only need to choose the right storage unit for your vehicle and you are good.

The right storage unit for your vehicle

Professional vehicle storage services often consider the three main solutions:

  1. Open vehicle storage
  2. Covered vehicle storage
  3. Indoor and enclosed vehicle storage

Although there might be some slight differences and combinations for different vehicle types, these are the main options to choose from. Each option comes with different benefits and different prices. The most budget-friendly option would be the outdoor open type solution, but it lacks the protection from weather conditions. The most expensive would be an indoor, enclosed, climate-controlled option. However, it provides the highest level of security and the most optimal conditions for safe storing of your vehicle. Before making a final decision about the type of storage you will rent, consider your budget, quality, size of your vehicle, and the amount of time you want it to be stored.

Types of storage considering the size

RV type storage

You could name a few reasons to store your RV among which the size would be the most important reason. They are large vehicles so in many places looking for regular parking can be hell. Not to mention that there are areas where it’s forbidden or it’s simply not possible to park them because of their size. Their 45′ in length is a lot, so you need to find a service provider with wide spaces allowing you the ease of access and plenty of room for additional accessories like solar panels, antennas, and air conditioners.

Car type storage

This is the most common storage unit you will have no trouble finding. Although cars can vary in size, from small coupes all the way to the pickup trucks, storage units have plenty of room for any of them. They are not as large as RV units but they too should allow you the ease of access. The reasons you might need a car type storage units are next:

  • Additional parking space because you lack space at your home.
  • You are going on vacation and you need a safe place for your car.
  • You are moving and you need a temporary place for your car.
  • Owning a car but lately, you find commuting is more budget-friendly.
  • The winter is coming so you need to store your vehicle for a while.
  • Owning an old-timer which otherwise is impossible to protect on regular parking.
An old-timer car on the street.
It would be a waste to keep your old-timer without a garage.

Type of storage for boats

So, you are a water sports enthusiast with a boat. No need to worry, storage facilities provide services even for that. Many indoor and outdoor storage units of at least 20′ can hold your boat safe outside of the season. Some are specialized in boat storage but mostly units similar to large car storage units will do the job. However, it depends on the size of your boat, of course.

A fishing boat on the beach.
Even a boat needs a place to stay after the fishing season is over.

Storage for other type vehicles

Motorcycles, ATV, Jet skis, Dirt bikes, and Snowmobiles usually need smaller storage space than most of the other vehicles. You can find full-year access storage but mostly they are stored over the particular season so there is no need for that. You won’t use your Snowmobile in the middle of summer unless you live in Alaska.

Snowmobiles in the snow.
It looks like a lot of fun, but you won’t need them in summer.

Outdoor and indoor storage units for your vehicle

Outdoor open vehicle storage

As simple as it can be, this type of storage is most similar to parking places. There are no rules about the ground base so it’s can be on grass, dirt, paved area, or asphalt at best. This dedicated outdoor space provides no protection from the weather, so think about high-quality car covers to additionally protect your vehicle. Extreme rain, sun, or snow can have damaging effects on your vehicle, like rust and paint damage, so there is a reason this option is the cheapest. It is not recommendable to use this type of storage for a long period of time. Two months at most.

Outdoor covered vehicle storage

As the name suggests, in many ways it’s the same as open type storage with one big difference. They provide covered space where you can place your vehicle. Usually, it’s some kind of a wide roof that greatly reduces the damaging effect that rain, sun, and hail can have on your car. However, dust and dirt can still be a problem, especially in windy areas. Considering this type of storage provide partial protection from precipitations and sun, it is a little more expensive than an open-type option.

Indoor enclosed type storage

This is the most expensive but the safest option for storing your vehicle. These enclosed type storages are inside facilities providing full protection from weather conditions. Even dust and humidity can’t damage your car since there are climate controlled units available. If you are looking for a long term, maximum protection, full access storage, this should be your choice. Even your expensive car or a collector’s specimen will enjoy the benefits that these types of storages provide. Since only you and staff members have access to these units you can store additional items inside your vehicle.

Indoor open type storage

The best way to describe this type of storage is to call it a vehicle warehouse. Your vehicle is parked inside the large facility right next to other vehicles. Just like the parking lot. You may not have an enclosed “personal” space for your car but the convenience is that there you can store even large vehicles and it’s a bit cheaper than the enclosed version. Also, it can be a good place to store other types of vehicles like boats, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more. This type of storage can be used as a long-time storage option as well.

The ways to prepare your car for storage

By following just a few simple steps you can prepare your vehicle for storage. It is not a hard thing to do but it’s a requirement if you want your vehicle to be safe and in the same condition even after a long time period.

  1. You need to change the oil, brake fluid, and coolant.
  2. The gas tank should be full.
  3. You should disconnect the battery
  4. Check your tires
  5. Clean your car from the inside
  6. Take a few pictures of your car just in case.

Now that you know everything about indoor and outdoor units you will be able to choose the right storage unit for your vehicle. Remember, even if some options may look too expensive, they often provide more protection for your vehicle.

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