The ultimate office moving checklist for your Chicago business

Colleagues having a meeting and discussing the ultimate office moving checklist.

So, you want to move your Chicago business as soon as possible. Furthermore, you want to be perfectly organized while doing it. Also, you want to avoid forgetting anything during your office move. For this reason, you feel a bit stressed out. Do not worry, there is no need for that. We are here to help you move your office smoothly, without any trouble. All you need to do now is to read the ultimate office moving checklist we have prepared and you will know what you need to do. Good luck!

Rent a new office space – the number one on the ultimate office moving checklist

Before you do anything else, you first have to rent a new office space for your Chicago business. When you are doing this, pay special attention to your new location. Surely, you are aware of how important it is for any business. Maybe you would want to consult a professional while making this decision. The best thing that you can do is to hire a real estate agent. Nobody can be so helpful when things like this one are in question. Therefore, waste no time and check the internet. There, you will definitely find more experts to choose from. In addition, you can also ask the people you trust for recommendations.

Let your employees and everyone else know

Number two on the ultimate office moving checklist is to let everybody know, especially your employees, about the office move. Also, you have to inform your clients about that too. Moreover, your partners and banks should also know about it.

A staff meeting.
Make sure to tell your employees earlier about your office relocation.

Hire a relocation company for your office move

Importantly, you should hire a professional relocation company for your commercial relocation. You can ask the people who are close to you for a recommendation of some moving experts. Also, you can search the internet and see what you can find. Make sure to contact a couple of companies with positive reviews and ask everything that interests you about their prices, services, way of work, and all the other things. Importantly, make sure to check their license and see if they offer moving insurance like the professionals at Golans Moving and Storage do. With trustworthy, reliable, and highly organized moving experts, there will be no reason to worry about the upcoming office move.

Clean your office space thoroughly before your office moving

This step is always very important, especially during a pandemic. Before you start with your packing, you have to clean everything thoroughly. Moreover, we must remind you that this also goes for your new office space. When you arrive at your new office location, you have to make sure that it is perfectly clean. We strongly advise you to clean it carefully even if it seems okay. It is always better to be safe than sorry, do not forget that.

Provide enough cardboard boxes for everything

The next step is providing cardboard boxes and all the other packing materials that your employees may need. You should pack smartly and practically. This means that you should use separate boxes for different items and label each one after sealing it with tape. In that way, you will make the whole unpacking process so simple when you arrive at your new office space. Importantly, all of you must use bubble pack when packing table lamps and mugs. Only in that way will those objects be safe and arrive at the final destination in one piece. Also, find some help to move all the equipment and furniture in no time. Keep in mind, professional help is always the best solution to everything. We all know that other options seem much cheaper, but they are also much more stressful. And also tend to take much more time and energy. Of course, you are aware that you should spend them on many more important things in your life.

An office desk.
Make sure to pack all your stationery carefully in order not to break anything when transporting it.

Plan your office move carefully

The organization is absolutely everything when anything is in question. The same rule applies to this situation. When you are moving your office for your Chicago business, you have to be well organized above everything else. What does this actually mean? Well, we strongly advise you to create a the ultimate office moving checklist well in advance. Put down on paper every little detail. This is of great importance because the majority of people tend to forget many things during relocation which can often seem very chaotic. In order to avoid forgetting something important, put everything on the paper. Yes, absolutely everything, from your office supplies that you need to pack to some important calls that you have to make. In this way, you will not have to stress out for everything will be perfectly fine. Your checklist can be on your phone, in a little notebook, or simply on a piece of paper.

A person writing down the uultimate office moving checklist.
Do not forget to make a checklist for your office move and make sure not to forget anything important.

Arrange the new office space before moving

Finally, we advise you to arrange your new office space earlier. See what kind of furniture will be the best for it and feel free to add some details, like a painting or two. Remember, your employees need to feel comfortable when working. The same goes for your clients. Evoking the pleasant atmosphere in any kind of working space is crucial for any business today.

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