Things people usually forget when moving to NY

Statue of Liberty, representation of New York, not one of the things people usually forget when moving to NY

New York! Is there a better place to move to? If we look at it from a financial perspective, that is probably true. However, the spirit of NY is special. Bustling streets, interesting people, lots of opportunity for work. Still, before you decide to move to New York, you should do thorough research first. There are some things people usually forget when moving to NY. With that in mind, try to get your hands on all information before making this decisive move.

But, what are these things that we so easily forget about one of the most famous cities in the world? 

Things people usually forget when moving to NY

If you are to become a true NY local, there are plenty of things to think about before moving. If you are a first-time mover, the smartest course of action is to search for NYC relocation tips. Moving is never easy, and it takes just a few tricky situations for you to become nervous. And no one wants a stressful relocation, correct?

Learn about the city

Coming to a new environment is always confusing. And when you are relocating to a city as big as New York is, things can only be more difficult. So, you should first read about NYC. And not only blogs. Try to read about other peoples’ experiences and advice. Many families moved to NYC before you, and they have valuable knowledge.

If you never moved before, you probably won’t even think about what to expect when you arrive there. That’s why it is crucial to hear from other people who already walked this path.

Acquire information about your neighborhood

Sure, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to walk in the neighborhood and check out everything. However, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more before you relocate. Find out where is the closest grocery store, or a hospital. God forbid you need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. And, the relocation is easier if you are at least a little familiar with the neighborhood.

Find the most affordable moving company

Since the entire relocation can be tiring, you may opt for an easier solution on a certain task. For example, picking a moving company. Let’s imagine the situation where you looked at a moving company, and you decide to hire them. This would be a mistake. While you might get a good one on the first try, more often than not you’ll hire someone expensive.

A man holding a wallet with money
Carefully plan your finances when relocating to NYC

Never go for the first moving company you look at! Furthermore, if you the city or a neighborhood you are moving to, look for movers specialized in that region. For example, affordable relocation professionals in Brooklyn will always be a better choice if you are moving to Brooklyn. Always narrow down the search to find the company that suits your needs the most. That is one of the most common things people usually forget when moving to NY.

The living standard

As I mentioned in the beginning, one of the most important things people usually forget when moving to NY is the living standard. Life in New York is expensive. You must think about that before you relocate. Plan your budget carefully and spend money only on necessities. When I talked about researching the neighborhood, be sure to know in advance what is the median rent of apartments.

If you are buying a house, talk with real estate agents and find out what is the most affordable area for purchase.

If your budget is low, you should consider sharing a room with a roommate, at least in the beginning. While this might be something you originally aren’t interested in, it is definitely worth to think about it. You will save a substantial amount of money

Public transportation

Next on the list of the things people usually forget when moving to NY is to check public transportation. Subway is one of the best ways to move around the city, so don’t forget to familiarize yourself with it. A taxi ride can be as expensive as hell. Furthermore, if you get caught in the rush hour on the streets, you won’t move an inch for a lot of time.

Taxi on the streets of NYC
A taxi ride is expensive, use subway or a bicycle instead

Another thing to consider is using a bicycle. It will get you fast from point A to point B.

Packing in a rush

Moving to NY is overwhelming. Don’t make a common mistake and forget to pack properly. While there are pro tips to pack in a hurry, you should always be thorough. That will help you out not only during the move but also when you are unpacking.

Do not fall into tourist traps

I can’t really talk about things people usually forget when moving to NY without mentioning tourist traps. And New York has plenty of them. While you might feel the need to explore the city, you should fight the initial urge to see all the attractions NY offers. Not until you know what places to avoid.

Tourists in NYC
Millions of tourists visit NYC every year, don’t be one of them

Talk to your friends in NY

The last on the list of things people usually forget when moving to NY is to contact any friends they might have there. While you don’t want to impose on them, you should always ask them for any advice! They are NYC locals and they know more than you do. Use that to get the necessary information before you relocate. If you follow these steps, everything will be easy!

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