Things you should leave behind when moving to another state

Packing a moving box when moving.

Moving long-distance is not a simple task to do? Packing is one of the biggest concerns people have. It takes time and energy, and if you are moving to a new state, there are some things you should not pack and move. What to leave behind when moving to another state and what items movers won’t move? Prepare in advance and don’t waste time on packing items you cannot transport long-distance.

The list of items to leave behind when moving to another state

How to organize relocation and how to pack for a move to a new home in another state? Moving long-distance or cross country is not a small step to take. What to take and what items to toss when packing. Declutter first and decide what to move.

USA map.
When moving cross-country, choose wisely what to pack

Clothes you didn’t wear

The first thing to consider is where you are moving to. If you are moving to a state that has warmer weather, you won’t need all your winter clothes or vice versa. Another thing to consider when packing clothes is to get rid of all the clothes you did not wear in the past year. Keep in mind that the moving costs will also depend on the size and weight of your move. Why move items you don’t need or use. Donate or sell clothes.


If you have plants, keep in mind that not all plants can survive a different climate and temperature change. Moving plants to another state can be done with the right transportation conditions. Yes, there is a way to make it work in a climate-controlled moving vehicle and by professional movers. Take care of your plants when moving, even if you are moving to a place with the same climate.

Dump expired bathroom items

Other things to leave behind when moving to another state are open and expired bathroom items, medications, and cosmetics. Medicines, vitamins, and makeup have an expiration date. Purge and declutter before you start packing your bathroom and makeup. It can be dangerous if you move open chemicals too.

Broken or damaged items

Why do you need damaged and broken furniture? You will pay for its transportation and plus you will need to pay for a repair. Calculate the costs. It is probably cheaper to buy new furniture instead.

A moving box.
Know what to leave behind when moving to another state and what to pack in a moving box

Garage junk

When you start to pack your garage, you will see how much junk you have in there. Most people are using a garage as a home storage space and clutter is all around.

A few extra tips

Be careful when packing high-value items for moving and do not pack them with the rest of the items when moving to another state. A box with jewelry, money, documents, and other valuable items should be with you while traveling, not with a moving company. Also, a professional mover won’t move cash and valuable jewelry for example because insurance cannot cover if something happens during the transportation.

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