Tips and tricks for a cheaper move

Tips and tricks for a cheaper move

Everyone that has ever moved can say that moving is pretty expensive. It’s not only costly, but it is time-consuming and stressful. Still, it doesn’t have to be. If you know the right tips for a cheaper move, this change doesn’t have to make a big hole in your budget. There are a lot of ways to save money while moving, you just need to know where to look.

Set your moving budget

If you are looking for a cheaper move, the first thing that you need to establish is what is your relocation budget.
How much money you will spend depends on the type of the move – are you moving locally, long-distance, or abroad. You have to research and see how much approximately your move will cost. There isn’t the general amount – every move has its own characteristics that are affecting its price. It’s calculated from case to case.
Still, there are some common variables that you can explore and get to the specific numbers. Adding all the possible expenses together will give you a rough amount that you need to set aside for this adventure. That way, you can create the moving budget.

Creating a moving budget is a fist step towards a cheaper move.
When you create a moving budget, do your best to stick to it.

Since relocation is unpredictable, you have to count in all the possible accidents that may occur. No matter how small the amount for some moving task is, it should be calculated to your moving budget. The things that we thought that are cheap and inexpensive, easily add up, and if you didn’t plan them, they can be a big burden on your finances.

What is cheaper – DIY moving or hiring a moving company?

It is a common misconception that relocation on your own means cheaper move.
That’s really not the case. While you can manage the local moving on your own, when it comes to long-distance or moving abroad on the budget, it’s a different story. These types of relocations can even be more costly than to hire the professional movers.

The risks of moving on your own are high, both regarding your health and the safety of your belongings. If you haven’t worked in the moving industry, the main disadvantage is the lack of knowledge.
Movers with experience know exactly how to handle your belongings, load them in the proper manner and transport them to your new home.
On the other hand, when you are moving on your own, you are opening a door for many accidents to you or your helpers. That can lead to serious injuries, and your hospital bill can go through the roof. Much costly than hiring professionals.

You can hire movers and still have a cheaper move.
Moving injuries are more common than you think.

Also, it may happen that you start moving on your own, and at one point the process will be too hard on you. Hiring moving company at that time will be more pricey.
That’s why is the best to find affordable, yet reliable movers for your relocation in the very start.
That will ensure cheaper moving, but be sure that the company that has low rates is reputable and reliable. That’s the first condition in avoiding the moving scams.

Cheaper move with hiring professionals: Move off-season

The best way to save a few bucks on your relocation is to move off-season. Most people are relocating during the spring and summer. That’s where the moving business is at its peak. At that time, the rates of the moving companies are at its highest and there aren’t many discounts.
Still, if you can wait until the autumn or even winter, the story changes completely. Since the competition is harsh and the business is low at this time of the year, affordable moving companies are much more open to price negotiations. They also have a variety of discounts that you can use.
Relocation off-season will ensure that you have safe, quality, fast and much cheaper move.
If you are moving on your own, you can still take many advantages of the moving off-season. Renting a truck or a moving vehicle will be much affordable.

Moving offseason means cheaper move.
Moving offseason is a great way to save some money.

Save money by packing on your own

While the moving companies usually offer the packing services, that means additional charges. This will lift the huge burden off your shoulders, but if you are moving on a budget, it will take a big toll on our finances. The best solution is to use the basic services of the movers and pack on your own. Your relocation will be much affordable, and there are a few ways to save some money while packing by using some packing tips.

Ensure cheaper move by these packing tips:

  • Declutter your home – No matter if you are hiring the moving company or move on your own, decluttering your home will mean fewer expenses. The more stuff that you are moving means more costs. More weight, bigger moving vehicle, more packing materials, more labor force. Cut the expenses by cutting the unnecessary belongings. Go through your home, and select to move only the things that you really need.
  • Organize a garage sale – All the things that are still usable, but you don’t need can be sold. A well-organized garage sale is a perfect way to do it. It’s a win-win situation. You will get rid of the unnecessary things and make some money on the way.
  • Get cheap or free moving boxes – There’s no need for fancy and pricy moving boxes. If you want a cheaper move, solid cardboard boxes will do just fine. Ask the stores in your neighboorhood for free boxes. They usually have some laying around and they will be happy to accommodate you.
  • Save money on packing materials – Your home is full of packing supplies which you can effectively use as an alternative packing material. Sure, they won’t have the same high quality as professional packing supplies, but at least they are totally free and can provide good protection. You can use buckets, trash cans, suitcases, drawers, baskets and bags as moving containers. Blankets, bed sheets, towels, socks and other pieces of clothing can be excellent as wrapping and cushioning materials.

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