Tips for downsizing your home – Ohio edition

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Most people have to deal with downsizing their homes at least once in their lives. Be it that they are moving to a larger town like Columbus and need to make do with a smaller apartment. Or that they need to remodel their home and drastically reduce the usable storage space, at least for a short while. Now, while downsizing your home may seem like a bad thing at first, it can actually turn out to be quite beneficial. So, let’s go over how to properly downsize your home – Ohio edition.

Sort your items

The first thing you will have to do when downsizing your home is to start your items. It doesn’t matter if you plan on selling them or storing them. Getting rid of items will not only make downsizing easier, but it will also lower your moving expenses. So, here is what you need to do. First, separate your possessions into three groups.

  1. The things you are sure that you will need.
  2. The things you are sure that you won’t need.
  3. Things that you are not sure about.

What usually happens is that the third group has the largest amount of items. Our advice put all of those items into the second group. People tend to hoard their stuff and needlessly clutter their homes. So, try to get rid of as much stuff as possible. If you haven’t used something in the past six months, you most likely don’t need it. No matter how valuable or necessary it might seem. As you will soon learn, there are some major benefits to living in a decluttered home. So, do yourself a favor and try to minimize your first and third groups as much as possible.

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Downsizing your home can be quite beneficial for your mental health.

Benefits of downsizing your home

Living in a downsized home is not only easier but it can also be a lot more stressfree. The fewer items you have the easier it is to clean your home and to keep it well-organized. Furthermore, by having only the most necessary items you will feel much more liberated and, in a way, free from the baggage of the past. So, downsizing your home is a great opportunity for a fresh start in life. This is why, if you are clever, you will use it to reorganizing your prioritize and get ready for whatever future holds.

Getting rid of unnecessary items

Once you have your items grouped up, you will need to figure out what to with the items that you don’t need. Now, the easiest and the most obvious course of action is to throw them away. But, this is not a smart way to go. Instead, you can either choose to sell them, donate them or store them away.

Organizing a garage sale

When it comes to selling unnecessary home items, having a garage sale is a way to go. After all, one mans trash is another man’s treasure. So, if you want to make some money while decluttering your home, organize a sale. Just remember to keep the rest of your home safe and to notify your neighbors in advance. Your goal here is to get rid of as many things as you can. So don’t haggle too much, even if your wish is to make money.

An old chair with a sign that says "Garage sale".
Notify your neighbors at least a week in advance that you are organizing a garage sale.


Your downsizing is a great opportunity to help those less fortunate than you. So, go to your local shelter and see if they require a donation. Most places will be more than happy to accept any items that you no longer need. Just make sure that they are in proper condition and that you pack them properly. Our advice is to talk to them beforehand and outline a donation procedure and save a donation receipt. This is especially important to do if you are moving, as you can get certain tax benefits for your donations.

Using storage units for downsizing your home

If you are reluctant about getting rid of your items, there is a way that you can keep them without them cluttering up your home. In fact, for most people, using storage is a must when decluttering your space. With it, you don’t have to deal with the difficult decision of throwing your items away and wondering whether you’ll regret doing so. But, in order to properly use a storage unit, there are a couple of things that you’ll have to take care of.

Pick the right storage company

A thing to keep in mind is that you need to pick a reliable storage company in order to have a decent storage experience. Some companies in Ohio, like, offer both storage and moving services. Therefore, by hiring one, you will make downsizing a whole lot more manageable. Just make sure to check online reviews and to focus on the local ones as they can usually give you the best service for the lowest cost.

Prepare your items for storage

In order to ensure that your possessions remain intact in storage, you need to prepare them properly. This means packing them so that they are protected from both physical harm and weather elements. Now, packing is something that you can deal with on your own. But, only if you follow an online packing guide. If you do not pack your possesions properly there is little chance that they will survive storage, even if it is for a short while.

Cardboard boxes you can use for your items when downsizing your home.
Make sure to use high-quality packing supplies if you plan on storing your items for a longer period.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to struggle or you want to save money on packing supplies, you can go with hiring professional movers. Once you consider the time and energy you will save by letting them deal with packing, you will easily understand that they are well worth the money spent.

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