Tips for protecting mirrors during relocation

protecting mirrors during relocation

Relocating is not an easy task. There are plenty of tasks that come with relocation that you have to do. One of them is packing up your belongings for the move. And although this sounds like an easy task to do, it isn’t at all. There are plenty of things that make packing a hard process. One of them is breakable items such as plates, glasses, mirrors, vases, and other fragile things you have at home. The hardest of these to pack would surely be the mirrors. They are big and they are not easy to carry. They also cost a lot of money which is why protecting them is important, especially if you are moving a vintage mirror. This is why we decided to write this short article with a couple of tips for protecting mirrors during relocation.

Get the right supplies

The most important thing to do in order to be protecting mirrors during relocation successfully is to purchase the right packing supplies. Packing a mirror requires a lot of different packing materials. That is if you want to pack it the right way to keep it in one piece no matter how big of a relocation you are having.

Packing supplies.
You need to get the right packing supplies.

What are the supplies to get?

There are a couple of things you are going to need in order to pack up a mirror for relocation. Firstly, you need some blank wrapping paper. Why blank? Well, a colored paper can transfer color onto your mirror and ruin it. You can also get bubble pack, it works amazingly to protect something from breaking while in motion. It provides enough safety but it doesn’t mean you should only use bubble pack for packing your mirror for relocation.

You need to secure the packed mirror. This means you have to use tape as well. Use plenty of it. You will easily cut it to get to your mirror once the move is done so do not worry, use as much tapa as you can. Make sure that you secure the wrapped bubble pack nicely.

mirror on a wall.
Use as much packing supplies as you can if you want to protect your mirror during the move.

Using blankets is the next step. Blankets are the best thing to use for protecting mirrors during relocation. They are big therefore they can be used for mirrors of any size. They also provide the most protection to mirrors as they create this soft barrier between the mirror and anything else that might cause the mirror to break. Blankets are good to use for packing electronics.

Hire assistance

But surely the best thing to do when relocating is to hire some moving assistance. You can hire professional movers to do not only the moving but the packing as well. Professional movers are there to make any part of the process easier so make sure to choose proper moving assistance.

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