A Chilly Relocation – Tips for moving in the winter

Tips and hints for moving to Virginia

Moving  can be demanding on any day, but moving in the winter is especially difficult. Apart from the generally rough weather, you might encounter unexpected delays, shortage of daylight and many other issues. In order to avoid these issues and make your move as easy and as stress-free as possible here are 10 tips for an easy winter move:

  1. Watch the weather

    Winter weather can be unpredictable at best and extremely punishing at worst, so try to keep an eye on weather forecasts in the days and weeks before your move day. You’ll want to make sure that all the roads are passable and that the weather is generally calm on your big day. You’ll want to minimize the delays that may be caused by the weather and also you wouldn’t want to end up stuck in a blizzard in the middle some highway on your way to your new home.

    Tips and hints for moving to Virginia
    Make sure that all the roads are passable on your moving day
  2. Pack ahead

    As we mentioned before, winter conditions can thwart even the best plans and cause you to lose time. So the best thing to do is to be ready well in advance. All of your things should be packed and ready the day before the move. If you are a slow packer and /or a legendary procrastinator, check out some easy packing tips to help you out. This timely packing can also help you declutter your wardrobe and maybe get rid of some items you rarely use.

  3. Prepare your new home

    Preparation is the name of the game. You don’t want to arrive to your new dream home only to have to shovel snow for hours just so you could bring your things into a virtual freezer. So, make sure you contact your landlord (if you are renting) or the real estate agent who sold you the property (if you bought it) and have them turn on the heat a couple of days before your move day. This will make your house cosy and warm when you arrive with all your things. Also, if you can, get to your ne

    w house a couple of hours before the movers in order to clean the driveway. Shovel the snow from all paths that you will use and cover them with sand or salt to prevent ice from forming. You don’t want to slip and fall while carrying a box with your tea set or wine bottles. Furthermore, you might want to get some plastic sheets to lay down on the floor. Both you and the movers will be going in and out of the house the whole day, tracking snow and ice. Putting plastic sheets on the stepping surfaces will reduce the time you will spend cleaning after you have settled in.

    When moving in the winter make sure your new home is well heated before you arrive
  4. Hire professional movers when moving in the winter

    Even though you might feels up for it, we strongly recommend hiring professional movers if you are moving in the winter. These guys are more experienced and efficient with moving, and besides, driving a moving truck is an ordeal even in the summer, let alone in the winter on icy roads in rough weather. So make sure you hire a reliable moving company and research them well since they will be handling all your possessions.

  5. Treat your movers well

    Since moving in the winter is such an undertaking, you and your movers will need a time out from the work. This will be an excellent opportunity to thank them for all their hard work by providing some warm refreshments. Brew some hot tea, coffee or cocoa to reward them and yourself for all the work you’ve done so far. Not only is this a good way to reduce the stress that’s goes hand in hand with moving, but it will motivate the movers and remove the chill from everyone’s bones. A little courtesy goes a long way.

  6. Prepare yourself and your car for a winter move

    Have your car checked and serviced (especially if you are moving long distances). You want a reliable and ready machine to take you through awful weather to your new home. You’ll also want to take some precautions to ensure the safety of all aboard: make sure you have winter tires and tire chains as well as some roadside emergency equipment. To be safe, pack some warm blankets and coats in your car along with some food and water and a good snow shovel in case you get stranded on the side of the road. It’s always good to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. On that note, you might want to keep your roadside assistance service handy.

  7. Protect your things

    Apart from protecting your new house, you’ll want to secure your things. No matter how good your movers are, in the winter there are several factors that might make moving your things an undertaking. Firstly, protect your things from moisture. This is crucial if you are storing them for a couple of days before the move. Even though most containers are leak proof, you’ll want to make sure that there is no excess moisture from the snow or rain when storing your things. To make sure, you might consider getting a dehumidifier or wrapping all your stored things in plastic.

  8. Dress accordingly

    You’ll obviously want to dress warm but the choice of attire will depend on your role in the move. If you plan on helping out, dress in layers. This will keep you warm and provide you with mobility unlike a warm but bulky coat. Also, you can take some layers off in case you get hot while carrying your things. Choose warm, comfortable and preferably old clothes in case you get dirty while moving your possessions.

  9. Start early

    During the winter days are shorter and night falls earlier, so you might want to start early to get the most out of those few hours of daylight. If you can’t start early make sure you have proper lighting in and around your new house and keep clean your driveway to minimize injuries.

    Clen your driveway carefully to avoid injuries
  10. Relax

    It is to be expected that not all will go according to plan, but try not to stress about it. These tips are here to help you prepare fmoving in the winter, but no one can predict everything. Don’t  micromanage everything and try to make your moving day an adventure. You are starting a new life in a new place. There will be more challenges in the days ahead, don’t spend all your energy on the day of the move.

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