Top 4 California cities for young families

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California is one of the most amazing states which is why a lot of people are moving here. Especially young families. Young people see California as one of the best states because there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to everything. Jobs are everywhere and there are plenty of options when it comes to where you can work as plenty of companies have offices in California. There are also plenty of amazing schools here as well as other things parents and children need to have in their surroundings. But California is a big state with a lot of amazing cities to choose from when choosing a place to live. This is why choosing a city in California can be a hard task no matter where you are moving from. This is why we decided to write a short guide for the top 4 California cities for young families to move to this year.


If looking to move to a small town in California, Salinas is the perfect place for you. Salinas is a small town near the coast where living with a family is amazing. Salinas has a lot to offer even though it is a small town. If moving to Salinas, have in mind that locals are the best assistance when it comes to moving as they know the town well.

The areal view of the beach in one of the top California cities for young families.
Living near the coast in California is a big plus. You can always go to the beach.

If you are somebody who loves spending their free time outside in nature, Salinas has you covered. There are plenty of amazing parks in Salinas such as El Dorado Park and Tatum’s Garden. Salinas is a town with a lot of young people as there is a college located here. This also means that there are plenty of fun things to do and places to go to. When moving to a coastal town, you can go to the beach anytime you want when there is nothing else to do.


A lot of great California cities for young families are located near LA and so is Beaumont. This is a very lovely city to move to. Homes here are amazing which is one of the best things about Beaumont. Not only is it amazing but it is affordable as well for Californian standards. If need to put away things you don’t use often comes, you will have no problem finding a storage unit to store them in if living in Beaumont. And having kids sure leads to a situation like this one.

Living near LA is possible without spending a fortune.


One of the most affordable California cities for young families would have to be Clovis. The median home price in Clovis sits at around $350,000. This is a very affordable price for a home in such a city. This is where you will find plenty of amazing public schools which is for some parents a deal-maker.


Last but certainly not least would have to be Dublin. Among the four cities mentioned, Dublin is the most expensive city. It is another amazing city for people who love spending their free time outside in nature. It is a very small quiet town which is also why a lot of elderly people move here. Moving to LA as a retiree is great, but we think that Dublin is a far better option.

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