Top 5 moving and storage companies in Arizona

Three people surrounded with moving boxes while packing for relocation after researching moving and storage companies in Arizona.

If you are in Arizona right now and you are planning to move soon – we can help you. Today we will be talking about the best moving and storage companies in Arizona since relocation without movers is way too difficult.

We did some serious research to help you out. By comparing prices, available services, ratings, and many other factors we chose the ones you will see later in this text. We also find you people who can move your art collection. Also, we will leave you links so you can continue your research and choose the company that suits you the best. But before you start here is a quick guide of the things you need to do before you call movers to help you out.

A quick moving guide (preparing for movers)

  • Download some moving and packing apps
  • Declutter your home and leave some things behind – if you need some help call your friends or hire a cleaning crew to help you out
  • Decide what you want to keep, what’s for sale/trash, and what is for storage
  • Notify everyone who needs to know about your relocation
  • Cancel any subscriptions you might have

Now that we showed you the things you need to do before calling movers you are ready to see what we found for you. Then, after reading you will have some research ahead of you. But that is the easy part. The hard part will be done by professionals. Don’t worry. You got this and we got you.

Items sorted out on some shelves in the bathroom.
Before researching moving and storage companies you need to declutter your old home and get rid of all the excess items.

#1 You Move Me

Before we start, we wanted to tell you that there is no particular order in ratings. All of those companies are amazing. You Move Me is the first one on our list. This is one of the best moving and storage companies in Arizona. That’s because they think about you as well and not just moving boxes. They have a variety of additional services to offer you so that you can have your every moving need fulfilled. The most important fact for you is that You Move Me is a licensed and insured moving company so you know that you will be in safe hands. Both you and your household belongings. This will be the best moving company for you if you have seniors traveling with you because they have special equipment in order to accommodate seniors the best.

#2 Moving Services Inc

If you by a chance have an international relocation ahead of you – this just might be the best solution for you. This full-service moving company has all the equipment necessary to take you wherever you need to go. This is a family-owned moving company so they understand everything that one family needs during the process of relocation. Here is a piece of great news for piano owners – they have the necessary equipment to handle your precious instrument. Make sure to research Moving Services Inc and check their website before deciding which movers will suit you.

A professional mover carrying a couch during relocation
When researching moving and storage companies, you need to find the one that has the additional services you can benefit from.

#3 Bellhop

If you are in a hurry, this might be the best company for you. Bellhop movers specialized in last-minute moving. Of course, this is not the only thing they can offer you. Bellhop also has a variety of different services all in order to take the stress from your relocation. Self-storage is another great thing we especially liked about this company and it is one of the reasons why it’s on our list of the best moving companies in Arizona. We also loved their transparency. Check out their website and you will see their hourly prices – you even have a moving cost calculator so you can plan your moving budget ahead.

#4 Arizona Storage Retailer

For those who are planning a DIY relocation and only need storage in Arizona, this might be the best solution. Arizona Storage Retailer has a variety of different kinds of storage to offer you. This company has amazing reviews on Yelp and you should check out their website if you have stuff for storage. We also heard a lot about their amazing and polite crew. You can even request a quote on their website once again so you can plan your moving budget. Money is always an important factor when choosing services. That’s why we made sure to find you the ones who are offering a fair price.

#5 FMS Move

If you are transporting some antiques or art – this might be the best moving company for you. besides the usual like packing, and moving supplies they offer some specialized services you will be able to see if you check out FMS Move today and research their website a little bit. On their website, you will also find a lot of useful moving tips that can be of great help once your relocation approaches. For those who like a more personal approach, you should know that FMS Move is also family owned and operated moving company. They even offer international services so make sure to check their website before choosing.

A professional mover carrying some items during a move.
Here is a fun fact for you – packing is the most common service people are ordering.

Choosing the right moving company for you and your family

There are so many moving companies now. All of them claim that they are the best. Obviously, not all of them can be the best. That is the exact reason why we wanted to do some research for you and point you in the right direction. We understand just how difficult relocations can be and choosing the right movers can be the difference between a great and a horrible moving experience. Now that we showed you some of the best moving and storage companies you should check them all out and decide for yourself which one suits you the most.

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