Top 7 senior friendly places in Washington

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Looking for a new place after retirement is usual. There are many reasons for moving to a different home in the golden ages. If you were dreaming about living in WA, it has some great places for elderly people. So, you should move to one of the senior friendly places in Washington.

What are the reasons why seniors are moving?

If you are still having doubts, consider these common reasons for moving to a new place.

  • Expenses – many people are retiring are moving to a more affordable place because they are not working anymore.
  • Downsizing – kids are no longer living with you and your house is too big for your needs. Moving to a smaller home is a great option.
  • Proximity – being closer to medical facilities, family, friends, etc.
  • Safety – for seniors it is better to live in an area with a low crime rate.

The list of senior friendly places in Washington

What is one of the first steps to take when moving as a senior? Of course, to choose the right location for you. Retirement should bring only replacing moments. Not stressful situations. That is why you should pick a place that is safe, affordable, and fun. You should have an active life and hang out with your friends. Consider these places as your new home, and if you are able, visit some of them. It is better when you see some things in person.

#1 Woodway

Looking for a rural place in Washington? Explore Woodway! 97% of the population own a house. This is one of the safest places in Washington which is perfect for seniors as well as families with kids. SO many people are moving to this area because of that.

A senior riding a bike.
Find a place where you and enjoy, be active, safe, and relax, at the same time

#2 Marysville

Marysville is a small suburb of Seattle that is safe and quiet. If you are looking for a place where you can relax, away from a crowd, this is one of the places to consider. That is why it is one of the senior friendly places in Washington. If you want to move here, you should do it with the help of a professional moving company. Don’t waste your time, money, and energy and turn to experts in the area because they have experience with relocations.

#3 Port Townsend

Many retirees choose Port Townsend because it is both, a safe and quiet place and also it has an amazing nightlife. It has a lot of bars and restaurants where you can be. So, you do not have to choose. Access to a decent number of medical centers is also a big advantage of living in Port Townsend.

#4 Newcastle

Newcastle is another Seattle suburb to consider as your future home. Seniors are not the only people that like to live here. Many young professionals live here as well. It is a very diverse place. For moving here, Newcastle movers can assist you anytime, so don’t hesitate to ask for help and organize a relocation like a pro. If you are looking for the right balance of convenience with a suburban feel – this is it.

Carrying a moving box.
Don’t lift heavy items by yourself because you may get hurt. Hire professional help to do it for you

#5 Ocean Shores

Like to live on a shore, surrounded by water? If the answer is YES, then explore Ocean Shores. It has a lot of senior communities which is not a surprising fact because 41% of the population here are older than 65 and 23% are between 55 and 64. Simply said, Ocean Shores is a nice small town with a strong sense of community.

#6 Gig Harbor

A small suburb in the Seattle area, Gig Harbor. Not only that this is one of the senior friendly places in Washington, but also, it is one of the best places for seniors in the USA. It offers relaxing views for retirees, a low crime rate, recreation centers, and retirement communities. A quarter of the population here are seniors.

#7 Sequim

Sequim is a town in WA with a population of almost 8,000. It is on the list because it has the highest percentage of seniors in the state at 37% (people older than 65) and offers many senior communities. It offers residents a dense suburban feel, so it is not a boring town where you will have nothing to do.

Decluttering, packing, and moving – you will all get when hiring senior movers. Do not forget that it is too dangerous for you to do all the heavy lifting moving including.

How to move after choosing a place where to move?

Choosing the location was the first step to take. When moving, it is not the only thing you will think about. Probably you moved before and you already have an experience. You know how complicated is to transport all the belongings you own from one home to another.

Packing for moving to one of the senior friendly places in Washington.
A full-service moving company will pack, transport, and unpack all the belongings you want to move

What is the simplest and easiest way to do it? According to Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, hiring a moving company is the answer. Finding a reliable mover in Washington State is one of the options to consider.

Ask for help and avoid moving injuries

Besides looking for help to transport all your belongings when moving, you should have moving assistance. It is hard to lift and carry all those heavy and large items, and also, very dangerous for you as a senior. That is why you should hire professional packers to do all the hard work instead of you. Avoid moving injuries and make sure your upcoming relocation is safe. Think about unpacking after senior relocation and you should have help then too.

You deserved to relax and enjoy yourself

After all those years working, now it is time to rest. Living in senior friendly places in Washington will allow you that. Being a senior does not mean you should sit in the house all the time. Those 7 places will give you an active life and you will meet a lot of other seniors, and younger people as well.

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