Moving interstate: Top cities in the US to move to for Singles + moving tips

Top cities in the US to move to for Singles

Single life can be both awesome and difficult at the same time. When you are single, you can make travel plans easily, work on your personal growth and have a great social life. All of that when and the way you want it, all under your terms! However, when it comes to moving and relocating interstate by yourself, there is a lot of to deal with on your own. When choosing a relocation destination, there are many things you need to consider. Here are the Top cities in the US to move to for singles you should check out:

  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • New York
Top cities in the US to move to for Singles
Choose the best city for your relocation!

BOSTON- One of the Top cities in the US to move to for Singles

More than 60% of Massachusetts capitols’ residents are unmarried!

Boston is a city of culture, great education, and healthcare. Besides its rich history and famous landmarks, living in Boston has many more perks to it.

Boston at a glance:

  • Walkability- Boston is a city of walkers. Freedom Trail is one of the US well known historic walking tours, and this red-brick walking trail will make you travel through history.
  • Dating scene- as Boston is a city of culture, there are many great events to meet new people and you can even sign up for the singles meetups!More millennials live in Boston than in any other city in the US and there are more than 300.000 single adults with almost 50:50 male to female ratio.
  • Women rule Boston- According to the AHDI ( American Human Development Index) Boston is the 3rd best city for women
  • Sports- Boston is the best place for people who love sports. American football, baseball, and basketball are a daily topic here!

SAN FRANCISCO- One of the most romantic cities in the World!

SF made our list of Top cities in the US to move to for Singles by many criteria.

San Francisco-one of the top cities to move to for singles
“San Francisco is a city where people are never more abroad than when they are at home.” – Benjamin F. Taylor

Besides being one of the most romantic cities in the World ( Forbes 2017), San Francisco has a lot to offer in you are looking for love:

  • Food and drinks- Californians ain’t easy to please when it comes to eating out, and you can expect to find great restaurants and wine bars all over San Francisco.
  • Dating scene- There are more than 330.000 single adults in SF. That means that more than 50% of people in San Francisco are unmarried.
  • People- residents of San Francisco, one of the Top cities in the US to move to for Singles, are considered to be laid back and don’t tend to dress up. So, just relax, put on your favorite t-shirt and you are all set to a date!
  • The outdoors- The Bay Area has some amazing views. There are many great trails you can walk, and it is not uncommon to be invited on a walking date!Even if you are not up to leaving the city for enjoying the nature, San Francisco has many beautiful parks that have hiking trail with amazing views.
  • The city culture- everyone feels welcome in this amazing city. Diversity is a big part of SF culture. Hippie movement and gay rights were born here!
  • Arts and culture- San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Ballet, street art, museums… The list is long and it is impossible to get bored in SF, there is always something to do!

NEW YORK- The city where the action is!

If you are young and awesomely single, there is probably no need to explain why NYC made our list Top cities in the US to move to for Singles.

With 8.5 million people living in New York, the 4th largest city in the US makes a great dating pool.

New York is the city of possibilities and there is a place for everyone in this “concrete jungle”. There are many pubs, theaters, clubs, and museums and whatever your taste in music or art may be, you will find your spot and crowd.

nyc- the greatest city in the World
“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years” -T. Wolfe

The best of New York City at a glance:

  • Food- there are around 24.000 restaurants in NYC.Even though fast food stands can be found on every corner, young New Yorkers can mostly be seen in some of many great vegan restaurants.Tip: If healthy diet is your thing and you want to be seen at some of the trendiest and buzzing restaurants in NYS we recommend you visit: Cafe Clover, Cafe Henrie or By Chloe
  • Clubbing scene- there are numerous places you can dance your worries away and meet new people.
  • Jazz scene- If you are not into dancing in the crowd, NYC is considered to be the jazz capital of the World.Events like Winter Jazzfest are great places to meet new people.

Downsides: Even though it is usually referred to as The greatest city in the World, NYC can get very pricey and rent prices are high. If you are moving as a single parent, NYC may not be the best choice.

Moving interstate to one of the Top cities in the US for Singles

By now you have probably chosen the best city to relocate to and want to start packing?! When moving interstate there is something you need to keep in mind and plan ahead.

Here is the checklist that will make your move easier:

You are all set now! What’s next? Figure out what to do when the move is over and explore your new home city! Have fun!

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