Loving sports and being a fan shows that you are enthusiastic, full of energy, with fire in your hearth. In case you recognise yourself among aforementioned, you are at the right place, because we are going to consider where is the best place to move to if you are a sports fan! While doing the research for what place would be the ideal to move to, I thought on many things. It would have to be affordable. In case you are moving with your family, there would have to be not many crimes, and also it would be important to have good schools nearby. If you are single, or a younger person, than one of the most important things would be nightlife. In case you are in retirement, a peaceful place would be great solutions. So, considering what might put all these people together, and by that be a recommendation equally acceptable for all of them, I was considering what might be that category. The only solution, that doesn’t know for age boundaries happened to be- a sports fan! It occurred one day when I remembered all the good stories about football I heard from my grandpa. He had the same passion in his eyes while talking about his and mine favourite club I had that time, and also the same passion I have now. That time I was 16, My grandpa was 70, and today I am almost 29 and talk about sports with my 57-year-old dad on regular basis.  The previous sentence I shared with you is what convinced me that I was right about the criterion to pick the top cities. So, united sports fans all around the globe, and of different age, I  want to bid you a warm welcome to this unique article with the subject: where to move around the world to feel most comfortable as a sports fan!

Not only did I choose the factors considering sports, of course, but I respectably paid attention to other comfortabilities for life too. I chose to present you cities where each of you could move to and feel good, for the various interests you might have based on your age, profession etc. All of the cities that I am going to mention would be recommended as top cities you should move to for many reasons, but the top criterion which was excluding was that it had to be a city for sports fans of different sports.


Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria.

Melbourne was a home to the Olympic games in 1956, and also it hosted sportsmen of Commonwealth games in 2006. Both of aforementioned were hugely successful. Beyond this, it also hosts top tennis players of the world during the Australian Open Grand Slam, one of top 4 tournaments in tennis. There is also officially the best Golf course in the world. Besides that, one of Formula 1 races is driven here. Last to mention, but certainly not least important, there are five football clubs in this city! Not enough to decide it is the best place to move to? Let’s proceed…

Being that I said that I didn’t choose cities only for sports, we can say a couple more things that could attract you to move here. We considered many cities for our list of top cities to move to, but nowhere else around the world, you can find as many open spaces to eat outside as you can here in Melbourne. Street art is what you can enjoy while you are walking or driving through the city. Now, the beer lovers will consider this information the most important to choose this city the best to move to- you can get a free beer while having your hair cut! It is among the best cities in the world to relocate to and enjoy hiking and bike riding opportunities. You would have to make quite an effort and still probably fail to find a better coffee than the ones in Melbourne. Almost everybody I know claimed that they coffee haven’t had better taste anywhere else, making coffee is peace of art here. If you love architecture, you are going to love Melbourne too! If you move here, you get to enjoy in getting through the city in a beautiful vintage tram. Relationships among people of this city are what is the best about it, besides everything aforementioned. The numerous reasons about why Melbourne is the top city you should move to that I mentioned, and much more, make this city maybe the only possible to win the best living place in the world award, which it constantly does!


Moving to london
London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom.

It was home to Olympic games for three times! We could stop here and say nothing more, it would have to be considered one of greatest cities to move to  for sports fans just for that. But we will say that it is home to 6 premier league football clubs! Also, the greatest tennis tournament in the world, considered world championship for tennis players- Wimbledon– is played here. Adding to that rugby, cricket and many other sports, is there the tiniest possibility, in case you love sports,  that you do not consider this city among the best ones to move to?

Putting sport aside, as we decided that most important thing for us, sports fans, is fulfilled, we can say also that London has delicious food. You can commonly hear that it is the best city to move to and get the best education. It is one of top fashion cities in the world. It has big and beautiful parks. London literary history is what is being studied all around the world, Come here and get to know it where it happened. When you get to know London, other cities will look cheap comparing to it, and the one thing you will be sure of- you must move here!


Moving to Boston
Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630.

It is known that Americans love sports, and they are really committed fans to their club. Top three sports in the USA are American football, baseball and basketball. Boston has teams in each of these sports! What do you think, does it make a city good enough to move to for a sports fan? Nevertheless, we will say a couple things more- it also hosts one of the most famous marathons in the world- the Boston marathon. It is also famous for the cricket and yachting.

Now that we concluded that it is sports city, we should say something more to let you know why is this city among top cities to move to in the world! Seafood of Boston is famous around the world! The transportation through the city, and around it is what you can call perfect, being that you have access to different ways of moving from one place to another. It is a very safe place to relocate to, and the crime rate is declining, maybe this is the most important for you to know if you are looking for the top city you should move to with a family.It is also the city popular for the culture that it offers. Also, in case you are looking for a job, there is almost no chance that you will not find one here!


<[>We picked these three among many sports cities of the world. But, in our modest opinion, these three tops them all. For many reasons, of which we mentioned just some. In the end, let’s repeat why, besides that they are sports cities, these cities are top ones to move to, regardless of who you are:

MELBOURNE– Top city in the world you should move to if you like hiking and bike riding; The best coffee; friendly environment;

LONDON– Parks; Literary history; What commonly attracts people to move to London is-education;

BOSTON– Culture; Sea food; Public transportation quality makes you wish to move here as soon as you get into it;

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