Top tips for moving from a house to an apartment in NYC

New York City

If you are thinking about leaving your house and looking for a new place in NYC? Living in a big city such as New York has advantages. But, if you are moving from a house to an apartment in NYC, know how to do it like a pro. When moving for the first time, people get upset and nervous. Having a guide can simplify the process. Be prepared for your big, upcoming relocation and nothing will surprise you.

Pros of living in New York City

Why do people move to New York City? What this big city has to offer to residents? Every year, more and more people are moving to this popular city. NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world, not only in the USA. To organize NYC moving, you should first have a list of all your reasons for changing the environment.

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Why should you move to New York City?

Here are some of the reasons why people want to live here.

  • Job opportunities are different. So many companies are located in New York. Fashion, marketing, modeling, advertising, financing, and tech companies.
  • The public transportation in NYC is one of the best in the world, the entire city is well-connected.
  • The history and culture in NYC are rich. Museums and iconic buildings are all around the city and every street has a story to tell.
  • If you are a foodie, here you may find food from all around the world. Food is delicious and unique. Choose between cuisines from different countries.
  • It is a city that never sleeps, something is always going on. You cannot be bored in New York City. Events, festivals, bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, just name it – NYC has it. If you are moving from a house to an apartment in NYC, a lot of events will be all around you.
  • Parks are amazing, especially Central Park. It is an urban green space where you can enjoy every day.
  • Nowadays, New York City is safe (the ’80s are over) and many families with kids are moving to NYC as well because the crime rates are lower.

Moving from a house to an apartment in NYC – tips and tricks

What to know before relocating from a house to an apartment in NYC? How to prepare for this big step? Leaving your house may be very hard and emotional, but if you have strong reasons for moving, it will be the easiest decision.

Research the real estate market in NYC

One of the first steps to take is to research the market and the prices. Also, this step includes preparing your finances and organizing the relocation. Plan every step, from renting your future apartment to renting a storage unit, for example on and from similar reliable companies. The real estate market in New York City is hot and apartments are not on market for too long. You should be fast and determined.

Choosing a location when moving from a house to an apartment in NYC.
Choose the right location for your apartment in New York City and start your new life there

Choose the right neighborhood

The real estate market depends a lot on the part of the city. It is not the same if you are looking for an apartment in Midtown Manhattan and for an apartment in Staten Island. If you want to find a cheap apartment in New York, then look for neighborhoods far away from the downtown. Manhattan is the most expensive borough.

Some of the best neighborhoods in NYC to move to are:

  • Lower East Side
  • Greenwich Village
  • Williamsburg
  • Astoria
  • Park Slope
  • Bushwick
  • Hudson Yards

Different people will choose different neighborhoods. It depends on your lifestyle, family, job, and of course, price range.

Start packing on time

Packing is part of the moving process that takes most of the time. In some cases, it may take months to pack everything. If your current home is big and you have a lot of personal items and furniture, don’t underestimate the amount of time you will need to pack all of the household items. Aks friends to help you out or hire professional packers if you cannot do everything by yourself. Collect enough moving boxes and other packing supplies such as moving blankets, air bubble foil, bags, and duct tape.

Looking for a storage unit

It is not a secret that housing in New York City is expensive. This is why so many people are choosing smaller apartments and usually they have roommates, to split the housing costs.¬†Houses are in most cases a lot bigger than apartments in New York City. This is why people often have a storage unit, to put extra things away because the apartment is too small. If you don’t want to toss your items, a storage unit may be the best choice. It is affordable and safe. You can store all your items there.

Street in NYC.
Transport your items safely when moving from a house to an apartment in NYC

Transporting your items

Is there a way to move from a house to an apartment in NYC safely, fast, and easily? Yes, there is – with reliable and experienced movers in NYC, you will be able to transport all your items hassle-free. Research local movers and hire licensed professionals that can take care of your relocation. Moving by yourself will take you more time and it is more stressful. This is why it is recommended to hire a moving company.

Last words

If you are moving from a house to an apartment in NYC, yes, there will be a lot of things that should be done before and after relocation. But, if you start on time with preparation and if you choose the right apartment for you, the process can be done with ease. Plan your moving and know your budget, because the costs of living in New York are not cheap.

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