Unpacking after senior relocation – what’s the best strategy

Two elderly people smiling, satisfied that their unpacking after senior relocation went well

The moving process can be very difficult for our senior citizens both physically and mentally. Retirement is usually time for downsizing, so moving is not just relocation to another home. There are a lot of things that you need to do. Along with family members and friends, there are many moving companies that offer assistance with senior relocation. After a lot of planning, packing, and transport it comes the time for unpacking after senior relocation. So, let’s see what the best strategy for this part of the moving process is.

Elderly man sitting on a bench in a park thinking about unpacking after senior relocation
Moving can be stressful for our senior citizens

Systematic packing will ease the unpacking after senior relocation

Downsizing means moving from a bigger place to a smaller one. Consequently, the greatest part of downsizing project is getting rid of all unnecessary stuff before you move to a new place. After that, there comes packing and transport. The good idea is to seek help from a company that offers moving services for stress-free senior relocation. The belongings that you are taking with you need to be packed carefully and systematically. The best advice that you can get about packing is to label the boxes and write down the name of the room where the packed possessions should go.

Start by unpacking what you need first

One box or a bag has to have all your moving day essentials in it to help you through the day. It should be opened first when you reach your new home and it must contain:

  • some clean clothes for a day or two, and a few towels
  • necessary toiletries and medications
  • cleaning supplies so that whoever is doing the cleaning of your new place has everything they need
  • food and drink for a few days – don’t pack them together with clothes or chemicals, but they need to be accessible
  • clean bed sheets, a pillow, and a blanket – unpacking after senior relocation can be very exhausting, so make sure that you rest enough.
A person holds a bottle of meds in one and a single med ication in another hand
The most important things are first for unpacking after senior relocation

Unpack room by room

A good way to prepare your new house before you move in is by making a list of items to go to each of the rooms. Whichever room you decide to unpack first, make sure that you start from the box of the items that you use most often. The chances are that you will need those things first, so have them prepared. If you start unpacking all the rooms at the same time, you will not be able to see the progress of your work and you might easily get discouraged.

Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom unpacking tips

The rule of thumb for these rooms is to go from bigger to smaller. Unpacking in the kitchen should start from major appliances installation and after that comes the pantry items unpacking. The bedroom makes no sense without a bed in it. So, your movers should assemble your bed first, and then start unpacking your clothes. Similarly, the washing machine should be set before the unpacking of smaller bathroom items (apart from the essentials) begins.

It is time for cleaning

Unpacking after senior relocation is not complete without thorough cleaning. Once that part is over, you can relax and enjoy your new home.



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