Use this spring to clean and re-organize your storage: here’s how to do it

Plastic baskets.

Spring is a time when people want to clean their homes and do some small projects. Use this spring to clean and re-organize your storage space in your home, and you will see the benefits from it in the end. You can also organize a storage unit you have rented too, so do everything now and relax after. While storage unit organization may sound boring and exhausting, it is worth it, trust us. Learn how to declutter and organize any space in your home too, and make a small paradise where you can enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Use this spring to clean and re-organize your storage

Also, spring cleaning can be easy and fun when you have the right guide to follow. Where to start, how to start, what supplies and equipment you will need? DOn’t panic, the winter and cold days are over, now it is time for a new beginning and new choices in life.

A girl with a mop will use this spring to clean and re-organize your storage.
Besides cleaning your homes, you should clean and organize your storage too when the spring comes

Take everything out and declutter

The first step is to take everything out of your storage and declutter. You will need a “clear canvas” so you will know exactly how to organize your self-storage unit and how much space you have to work with. Clean plastic bins you already have and shelves too. If you have food in your storage, check the expiration date and throw food away if you cannot use it anymore. Also, throw away all the items you don’t use or need anymore.

Sort items

After deciding what to keep and what to toss (or donate), it is time to sort items into categories. Snacks, food in cans, winter clothing, summer clothing, etc. You will find an item you need fast when the storage is organized.

Create more shelves

If you see that you don’t have enough shelves in your storage, then create more shelves. It is easy to install them and if you are creating storage space in your home, shelves can be everywhere. In your closet, kitchen, under the stairs, etc. This will help to keep your items off the ground.

Kitchen storage with jars.
If you are organizing kitchen storage, pay attention to the food that cannot be used anymore

Invest in plastic bins

Use clear boxes and you will know what is inside of the box without opening it. It is a smart idea to invest in plastic bins. Make a trip to the store and buy different size containers. Most people have clear boxes in a storage unit where they keep food. They are not that expensive, but they are helping a lot.

Label boxes

Even if you have clear boxes, it is a good option to label each box. You can also use different colors for different categories, so everything will be more organized. Use this spring to clean and re-organize your storage and your life will be easier. Try to keep it simple and not to make clutter.

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