What to do when the move is over

First steps after moving in
You finished with your move!

Well, isn’t that delightful, you have actually finished with your move. In the beginning, it didn’t really seem like that is ever going to happen – you broke your favorite china platter, your kids kept nagging you, the company didn’t fill out their part of the deal, and so many more spectacular things. But, the hard part is now over, and that is what you should have in mind. The move is over. But, then again, there are so many things you should do now…

Of course, you should begin by unpacking your bags and boxes and trying to get out of the mess that is currently your new home. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You are alone, and you are new to the city, and that can be very frightening. In order for you to overcome this in the best way possible, we have listed a couple of things that are going to be very helpful.

  1. After the move make a to-do list and start by unpacking the boxes

To do list when you move in
Don’t do anything without a plan

There is really nothing you can do without a plan, and there is even less you can do if you keep avoiding the huge pile of bags and boxes you keep bumping into. Like you did when you were moving, do the same after the move, and think about everything you not only want to do but kind of have to. On top of that list that should contain obligations, as well as fun stuff, should be the unpacking part. Although it really seems like a pain in the ass you can make it fun, by incorporating decoration of your new home into the process itself. Out of all the things you are supposed to do after the move, unpacking will require most of your time, and most definitely most of your energy. Do not let it bring you down and get to work.

  1. Look for the most important institutions and places

We are still quite sure that you have no idea how your new neighborhood looks like. But, before you become Dora The Explorer and search the blocks for that perfect latte, you should invest some time and do a very quick but efficient stroll around the block and locate everything you are going to need immediately after the move. On your list should be – a market that works around the clock, a pharmacy, a hospital, police station etc. This is important to have in mind, because you are alone in a new community and you should pay attention to your surroundings and you should know how to respond, no matter what happens. Also, as soon as you move, put all of your emergency numbers on a list and keep it safe next to the phone.  You will feel much safer.

  1. Take care of all the legal obligations after you move

There are a lot of things that you are legally obligated to do after you move, so don’t wait too long to dedicate them time and energy. First of all, you need to change your address. Here you can find some help, but besides changing it in your license, make sure that every institution is notified that you have changed your address. If you are, by any chance, part of an ongoing trial, or any sort of process related to it, you are obligated to notify them, especially if you have left the country. When you finished with all of this serious tasks, you should dedicate your attention to the less serious ones, and contact all of your subscriptions to notify them that you have moved.

  1. Explore your new home when you move in

Explore the neighborhood when you move in
Explore your new home after you move in

You have taken care of a whole bunch of serious tasks, so now it’s the right time for you to relax a little bit. The next thing on your list of priorities should be to invest your energy into exploring your new home and learning it’s little tricks. Any house is special, and this one is now your own, so get a bottle of wine, play some nice music and begin. It is going to be a very fun experience. Besides this, dare to peek outside and see what else does your new neighborhood has in store for you. Get to know your neighbors, walk around, go into shops and see what else does your community has to offer. Sing up for cookie sales and Pilates on weekends and emerge yourself into this new world you have just entered into. Don’t be afraid that you will feel lonely or scared or bored, all of that can be very easily resolved if you open the doors to your new home to new people and experiences. Don’t forget that there are also a couple of other things you should sign up for. If you have any children, you need to take care of their needs and look for a kindergarten or a school. Don’t just sign them up, but research the institution a little bit, get to know the teachers and the conditions they provide. Find out if there are any activities parents do together and try to volunteer for them. This will be a great way for you to meet new people after you move. Besides that, not only for your children but for yourself as well, it is necessary to find your health care providers and to find a suitable pediatrician, dentist and any other doctor you have often visited back home. People are creatures of habit and it might be difficult for you to get used to the new people, but the sooner you do it, easier will it be. Do not forget, you are not the only one that is getting used to everything, your kids and your pets are doing that as well. Dedicate them time and energy and help them make new friends so you can all happily enjoy your new home.

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