What to do when your partner doesn’t want to move

Fighting because your partner doesn't want to move.

If you have decided to move and you are in a relationship – it is not only your decision. You both need to decide and to make some compromises. But, the problem comes when your partner doesn’t want to move to a new place. What to do in that situation and how to convince him\her. If you have kids, the decision is even more difficult to make.

If your partner doesn’t want to move – what to do?

What to do if you have a great job offer in another city but your partner does not want to move? It is hard to balance between love and career. Or you may be tired of living in the same city and you want to try something new and different. There are so many reasons for moving. But if your spouse or a partner doesn’t feel the same way as you, it can be a big problem.

Your partner also has reasons not to move such as fear of the unknown, career, unwillingness to part with family, etc. And you need to understand that too. So, have a serious conversation and be ready for comprises. Both of you.

A couple holding hands.
Be ready for compromises and a conversation, moving is a thing to organize together

Weight the pros and cons of relocation

Every relocation has advantages and disadvantages. If you want to convince your partner to move, you have to be honest and to consider all the facts.

  • What will be financial advantages is the first question to answer. How your life will be better in a financial way after moving? If you have a job offer and a higher salary it is a big advantage. Having a chance to advance in your career is a big deal.
  • What are new opportunities and what a new city has to offer you as a couple? If you are moving with a large family, the entire family should be happy in a new city. Explore schools, entertainment options, sports and music events, recreational activities, etc.
  • Moving is not easy, so plan a relocation together and solve moving issues together. Find a new home that is perfect for both of you, a safe neighborhood, a reliable mover to help you out. Let your partner know you are serious, organized, and responsible.
  • If your partner doesn’t want to move because of sentimental factors, take into consideration how many things you will leave behind and how many new things will come. Create new memories, and if you want kids in near future, find a perfect place to raise a family.
A couple in a park.
Organize a journey if your partner doesn’t want to move, to a city where you want to live, explore that place together

Visit your potential new city

If your partner doesn’t want to move because he\she is scared of the unknown, visiting a new city may help a lot. Spend some time exploring the place, researching real estate, meeting locals, etc. This may convince your partner to change his/her mind. Organize a trip and have fun.

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