Why is Canada the best destination for expats

Why is Canada the best destination for expats

Canada is a beautiful country, full of many wonders of nature. It also has one of the most stable economies in the world, free healthcare and it is very welcoming to immigrants. It’s no surprise why it is the best destination for expats. Many are relocating to Canada from all over the world and call it a new home. The mixture of cultures and the friendliness of the locals make it easier for every newcomer to fit in.

Canada is the best destination for expats
In addition to other benefits, Canada has an astonishing nature that will leave you breathless.

Reasons why Canada is the best destination for expats

If you are thinking about relocation, Canada is a way to go. It’s number one country in the world for high quality of life, acquiring citizenship and safety. You will need a lot of paperwork to move to Canada, but once you start your new life there, you will become a local in no time.
Here are some reasons that make Canada the best destination for expats:


Safety of the city where you will live is crucial. You probably won’t move to a place where you can’t leave an apartment without a fear of getting robbed or attacked. In Canada, you can walk streets in the middle of the night and be safe and sound. Safety is the main characteristic of this country. It is also a reason for many to call it a new home. Especially the ones that are relocating to Canada with family. For decades crime rates in the Canadian cities are remaining low, and this country had never been targeted by terrorist activities. If the calm and peaceful lifestyle is something that you are looking for, then Canada is a perfect place for you.

Political stability

The economy of Canada is the 11th largest economy in the world and one of the most stable ones. When the economy of one country is stable, the political stability is usually at the highest level. The absence of violence or terrorism only increases that stability. The reports say that Canada has 84% political stability and that its government has an efficiency of 97%. All of that makes this parliamentary democracy political system one of the best in the world.


When you are relocating to another country, the main thing that you have to determine is could you afford to live there. Many studies show that Canada is cheaper than the USA by comparing living costs.
Of course, not every city in Canada is inexpensive. Vancouver and Toronto, for example, have much higher living expenses compared to other Canadian cities. Still, the average household incomes are also higher. If you are thinking about relocation to Sudbury or another place on the borders of Ontario, you are on the right track regarding the living expenses.
When it all comes together, the monthly incomes that you make in Canada will probably suffice you to have a great quality of life.

Job market

As a highly developed country, Canada has a great job market. Canada’s economic growth is mostly centered in 4 major cities – Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but unemployment rates remain low even in smaller cities. The service sector, natural resources, and manufacturing are the biggest employers in this country, but there are many openings for other professions also.
The essential for finding a well-paid professional occupation is high English language abilities. There is a great demand for English-French bilinguals as well for the excellent French speakers. Knowledge of these languages will give you an opportunity to work in every part of Canada.


Healthcare can be very expensive in the United States of America, and most other countries as well. That’s not the case with Canada. In fact, the healthcare in this country if free.
Canada has a system Medicare which is providing free health care at most points of use. This system is publicly funded, and any citizen can use it. Every Canadian and permanent resident can apply for public health insurance that is covering the costs of the healthcare services in public health care services, hospitals, or medical clinics.

When you get employment, you can get additional coverage from your employer. Even if you don’t have a government health card, you can get free emergency medical services. Those services are available to anyone that is in the territory of Canada – citizens, permanent residents, tourists, immigrants. Providing free emergency medical services is what makes this country the best destination for expats.

Healthcare is what makes Canada the best destination for expats.
Healthcare system of Canada is one of the main reason why many choose it for a relocation.

School systems

Canada has many time won the title of the world leading country in education. It’s on the 5th place in Reading, Science, and Mathematics globally.
Excellent public and private schools and universities are located throughout the country. 
Great funding opportunities, grants, and scholarships that the state offers students make this country one of the educated countries in the world. Reports show that, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, immigrant students are achieving much better results than the immigrants in other countries. The fantastic schooling system is also one of the main reasons why Canada is the best destination for expats.

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world.
Canada is the world leading country in education.

The best tip for Canada relocation

When you are relocating to Canada from abroad, you know that you have a lot of work to do. The fact that Canada is the best destination for expats will make this an exciting process, but it will still be a hard task.
You have to find a new place to live, to pack all of your belongings, transport them all the way to Canada, unpack them, make travel arrangements for yourself…

It will be a very stressful period, so you should make it easier on your self.
The best tip for any international or long distance moving is to hire professionals. A reliable and reputable company like Neeley’s Van and Storage will make sure that your relocation goes smoothly and that your belongings arrive safely and undamaged.
When you delegate the hard part of the moving to the experienced professionals, you will be more relaxed. That way you can enjoy the transition and all the things that make Canada the best destination for expats.

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