Why summer is the perfect time to sell your Florida home

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Deciding to sell your Florida home is a big decision and it can take a lot of time to complete the sale. Whatever your reasons are – wanting a new home, moving – you must be committed. To sell your home, you need to pick the optimal time of the year, and we think summer is the best. The Relocation Database will tell you how you will benefit by selling your Sunshine State in the summer. 

Things to know before selling your home in Florida 

Before we get into the benefits of putting your home on the market during summer, we will give you some information that will help speed up the selling process. 

  • First, before you sell your Florida home, you need to get a house inspector to check it out. A good house inspector will check every part of your home and tell you what you need to fix. Making improvements to your home can increase its price and teach you how to take care of your new home. 
  • Second, learn about the prices of homes in Florida. But an even better idea is to learn about the average cost of homes in your city because it can vary depending on where you live. Real estate will not cost the same in Miami – the business center of Florida and a rural town in Florida. 
  • Third, you need to work on your presentation. Try and clean up the front of your Florida home and make the insides neutral by removing any personal touches. 
  • Finally, get a real estate agent. Having a real estate agent will increase the chances of selling your home because they can tell other agents. They will market your place, negotiate with buyers and tell you the optimal price of your property. 
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A real estate agent will sell your Florida home fast for a profit!

If you take our advice above, you will soon need to rely on professional assistance to help with your packing to relocating to a new home. Their trained professionals will back up your old Florida home in no time and unpack you in your new place. 

Sell your Florida home in the summer because you will have more showings

The first reason to put your home on the market in the summer is more active time. When summer comes, days become longer, allowing more buyers to check out your Florida place. There is no doubt that more people will visit your home in the summer than in the middle of winter. In addition, since you have more buyers coming, it will increase your chances of selling. And buyers might actually try and bid on your home, so you can sell it for more than the market price, making you and your real estate agent happier. 

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Since there is more daylight in the summer, more buyers can check out your house.

More demand for homes in Florida 

The second reason to sell your home in the summer is the increased demand. Most people do not like dealing with the home buying process in the winter and fall, so they choose summer to purchase. Because of the beautiful weather, it is more comfortable for buyers to commute to homes for sale. The beautiful weather also makes buyers more serious about buying a home because they want to move when they would not run into weather problems. 

More accurate pricing of your home in Florida

The third reason to look for someone to buy your Sunshine State home in the summer is more information. When pricing your homes, you have to look at the state of the real estate market. Homes have been selling in Florida for five or six months, and real estate agents have a good grasp of the market. You can try and analyze the real estate market alone, but it will take a lot of time to find accurate information and asses it. Since you can set a more accurate price, it will increase your chance of selling because other real estate agents can tell their clients that you have priced your home reasonably. 

Buyers are more willing to buy in the summer

What marks the beginning of summer? The end of the school year. Most families do not want to uproot their children during a school year. It can make children stressed because it can increase the difficulty of adjusting to a new home and school. When the school year is over families want to find a home as soon as possible and relocate their children by fall when the new school year begins. To meet the deadline of the new school year, they are more likely to purchase your place in Florida. 

Sell your Florida home in the summer because it is easier for you to buy a home

Not only is it easier to sell your home, but it is easier for you to buy a home. You have already hired a real estate agent and learned things from the home inspector. With the resources by your side, you can find your perfect home in no time. 

In addition, the summer is the best time to move out of state or to a new place in Florida. You can organize the move alone and relocate everything alone. We recommend a DIY move if you are moving locally inside Florida. But if you are moving out of Florida, you will need professional assistance. Finding a moving company can take some time. To save time, look at the moving services of nwmoving.com and, if you like them, hire them for your relocation. 

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Buy a new home in the summer and move carefree to your new perfect home in Florida or somewhere else.


The benefits of putting your home on sale during the summer in Florida are endless. We have covered some reasons to sell your Florida home in the summer. But you should try and see how fast you will sell your Sunshine State home. And if you are moving to a smaller home in Florida or out of state, learn about downsizing.

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