How to handle the day of the relocation

Time is ticking and D-day is approaching. Now, don’t get all stressed out. There are ways to go through this without too much hassle. So, buckle up and enjoy your read, since we’re going to show you how to handle the day of the relocation.

Fresh start

  • Rise and shine! Begin the day with a well-balanced breakfast and a good cup of coffee. This is crucial for your optimism.
  • Check out the weather forecast and dress accordingly. You want to be wearing something comfortable and practical. An extra pair of gloves in the Winter, as well as a change of clothes in the Summer, can come in handy.
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged for a long day of phone calls is ahead of you. A good idea would be to collect all the important phone numbers such as the ones of the movers, the landlord, and the leasing agents.
  • Search the internet for quality restaurants located in your neighborhood. That way you’ll be ready to order if the need arises and save up on time and energy during the day of the relocation.
  • Be sure to leave some paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, and a broom at your old place. Having done this, you’ll be ready for that final sweep once all of the boxes are out of the way.
  • Try to be on time. Being aware of other people’s plans is always a plus. Stay within the constraints of the time slot you’ve been given. If anything unexpected comes up, notify your leasing agent and the moving company.
  • Keep the boxes. They might come in handy further down the line. Some of your friends or even you might find them useful. You could even give them to a moving company since they usually have a recycling program.
Blond lady holding a box in front of a yellow wall
Easy with the boxes

Now let’s talk about more serious issues regarding the day of the relocation

A good way to save some time and get rid of all the confusion on moving day is to draw a floor plan. Try to do it before the move, if possible. Sketch and number all the furniture so that it will suit your taste. Proceed with putting numbers on furniture, so that they match with the floor plan. That way the movers will carry the heavy pieces straight to their rightful place, thus doing all of the arrangings for you. You wouldn’t want to do this on the day of the move since it requires some careful planning.

Your presence is highly desirable during the packing and the pickup of your belongings. If packing, pick up and delivery is handled by moving company, it’s only logical that you’re there for the whole process, since your input is crucial. If it so happens that you’re unavailable, ask someone to hold the fort, say a friend or a relative. When the movers provide you with the inventory of all the items, look over it thoroughly and make sure that it is correct and legible before confirming it.

If, however, you did not hire movers but have asked friends and family to help out instead, it’s courteous to assist them as much as you can. All of the boxes should be pre-packed, so when the day of the relocation comes, their job would be solely to pick up a box and carry it to the moving vehicle. Some of the more advanced planning would include assigning a certain friend to a specific piece of furniture or a box. It’s a bit of a hassle but could prove to be convenient.

Some other things to consider…

Children and pets should be out of the way. It doesn’t really matter who’s doing the moving, nobody likes a dog barking at them. Boisterous kids running around while all the heavy lifting is being done is also a bit troublesome. It’s inconvenient for the movers and hazardous for the little ones. Consider having someone to babysit on the day of the move. This way you’ll be able to focus on important things, and you’re kids and pets will get all the attention they need.

A moving van or a truck will need a place to park and unload. We know it sounds obvious, but it gets overlooked more often than not. Based on the type of home you’re moving into, complications may arise. If it’s a house you’re moving into, the vehicle can just park out front. Yet, if it’s a flat, finding a parking place can be quite a challenge, so we suggest that you set up a place in advance. Also, be sure to leave a note in the building foyer saying that you’ll be using the elevators on the day of the relocation. Movers will be able to carry things as quickly as possible when they arrive, and the new neighbors will appreciate the heads-up.

Profile of a pale yellow car on a parking lot in front of a nice building
Find a nice spot for the day of the relocation

Other things to keep on the checklist

1. Take some time to say a proper goodbye. It will probably have the biggest effect on the children. Go through each and every room and reminisce on all the fun times you’ve had, while looking forward to all the new ones that you’re about to experience.

2. Keep the valuables close. Don’t let them be mistakenly loaded with all the other boxes. Passports, jewelry, and other irreplaceable items should be near you constantly.

3. Check everything. Close all the doors and windows, turn off the lights and make sure nothing’s left behind. Don’t forget to lock everything up.

4. Pay the movers. If they did a good job, a tip of 10 to 15 percent next to the agreed fee is a nice token of gratitude.

5. Do the basic cleaning. Before the movers arrange the furniture, vacuum, and mop the floors. Tubs, showers, and toilets should go through a deep clean. Wipe the windows and countertops.

6. Lastly – unpack. Set aside any damaged item so that the moving company may come back to inspect them.

Soft, leather bag laying on the floor
The day of the relocation is in the bag.

Good job!

That wasn’t all that bad, was it? These are simple tips but have proven to be useful on numerous occasions. Having them in mind when the day of the relocation comes will give you that extra boost of confidence.

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