Should you move to a top floor apartment?

Skyline showing a highly urban city with many tall buildings which are great if you wish to move to a top floor apartment.

When looking for a place to take up your residence, you probably explore the living conditions, locations, and similar factors. Which, in general, is the right thing to do. On the other side, many of us often forget to take into consideration where in the building should we live. On what floor we can acquire the optimum? And settle down achieving the perfect environment we were always looking for. The dilemma about if you should move to a top floor apartment or not will have more meaning if we consider all the benefits and disadvantages.

Move to a top floor apartment or not?

Whether you desire to have your own house or not, the reality is a bit different. Not everyone can afford to buy a house, at least not in the beginning. For the majority of people, living in the apartment is a completely fine and financially open alternative to life in a luxurious house. Meantime, many people enjoy the lifestyle of living in a cozy apartment and wouldn’t change it for anything. Just take a look at the Brooklyn. Wonderful urban environment, not expensive compared to other NYC boroughs, with affordable and interesting apartments. Moving in Boerum Hill without any stress and distraction is something to consider so you can enjoy the numerous perks it offers. But with that, there comes a neverending discussion about which floor is the best. For now, let’s stay with the top floor and review all of the benefits.

Pros of living in a top floor apartment

If you move to a top floor apartment, here are the benefits you might expect.

There is less noise pollution

Having a complete peace and quiet is one of the major benefits of living in the top floor apartment. No one is living above you so there is no need to worry about the noisy neighbors distracting you with their daily activities. Even though it’s just the way it is, small kids can make a lot of noise by playing around, jumping, and running above your head. Because you are high enough, you won’t have to put up with all the traffic noise, or with pedestrians passing by your window. No more yelling from the streets, sirens, loud restaurant guests, or annoying music. And if you really desire a calm neighborhood, Bushwick can be your option. Since Bushwick has friendly and reliable crews that can quickly help you move in, you can start enjoying your apartment in no time. Simple as that.

It’s warmer in the winter

Another top floor benefit is that it’s much warmer in the winter. Since the height plus having nothing to block the sun will give you plenty of heat and light, you will feel more pleasant in the winter. Likewise, you might even reduce the monthly expenses by not having to additionally raise the heating. If you are planning to move to colder places, this is definitely something you should take into account.

An apartment building.
You will have a better temperature in winter.

You will have astonishing views

As the most obvious thing often in connection with height, you will enjoy incredible views. Depending on the size of your building, you can have the entire panorama in front of you. There is nothing to block your view, and all the crowd is far down below. And, if you have a balcony, you will really enjoy your mornings. If not, you could check if it’s possible in your building to get access to the roof. Of course, the roof itself needs to be safe and adapted, not every roof will do.

No privacy issues on top floors

Besides residents living on the same floor, you will barely see other people wandering in front of your apartment. Since there are no other apartments blocking your view from the window, you will feel more privacy even if you have huge windows. It’s not like on the ground floor where everyone who passes by can see inside your apartment. Also, moving to a top floor apartment means no more annoying knocking on the door from random people or kids.

A woman enjoying the view from her apartment in her sleeping clothes.
You will enjoy the views and complete privacy.

Much better security

One of the best things about living on that height is that you will be more secure from any potential criminal activity. Obviously, ground floors are more convenient targets for burglars. The explanation is quite simple. Basically, it’s just too much of a risk and effort to walk all the way down with stolen goods. No one in the right mind would try to compromise itself like that. Then again, no one in the right mind will steal anyway. With a good alarm and a solid surveillance system, you are completely secure.

Different kind of security

Another potential security issue doesn’t include people. Ground floors are more prone to pest infestation because it’s too close to the pest’s natural habitat. Bugs, rats, even strayed animals are less likely to climb all the way up. Also, living in top floor apartments means no problems with sewers. Whether it is the strange smell when the atmospheric pressure is low or problems with the plumbing system, it will not affect you.

A mouse looking at the camera.
Most of the pests stick to the ground.

Less air pollution

The most common types of air pollution are:

  • Too much smoke from the neighbors, whether it’s from cooking or tobacco smoke
  • General pollution due to industry and traffic
  • Heavy gases and the dirt that sticks close to the ground

You won’t have problems with any of this on a height. In fact, it’s quite healthier to move to a top floor. Not only because of pollution but because the stairs give you the potential recreational activity in case you missed the gym.

Cons to expect when you move to a top floor apartment

It will be hot in the summer

Eventually, you might have higher bills in the summer if you are moving to Florida, for example. In the same way, as it’s beneficial in the winter, summers on a top floor can be unreasonably hot. Your air conditioner will have to work overtime to regulate the temperature. However, it’s something you might want to consider if you are moving to colder areas.

Emergency protocols

When it comes to an emergency situation, top floors are not exactly in the best position. In order to counter this, you will need a good evacuation plan ready.

You should consider mobility if you wish to move to a top floor

Even though a move to a top floor apartment can give you a decent amount of recreation with all those stairs climbing, it’s not good for everyone. Older people and people with special needs will require a more adequate approach to leave out of the building. In fact, not being able to easily access the outdoors can be a serious problem if your elevator is not working.

Once you are familiar with both sides of the coin, you will be able to make a smart decision if the move to a top floor apartment is for you. Overall, don’t forget to take everything into account, even the smallest detail, and you will be fine.

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