Moving to Canada for the first time – how to do it right?

There are many reasons why you would want to move to Canada. With its lovely culture and a very stable economy, it’s one of the most popular places for expats. Over 250,000 people move to Canada each year. People are very welcoming to expats and you will have an easy time adjusting. While some things are different than in the US, the culture is for the most part, very similar. If you are thinking about moving to Canada for the first time there are some things you need to know in order to do it right. From paperwork to cultural differences. Here is a guide about how to do it right.

a lady smiling in a shadow of maple tree as welcome for moving to Canada for the first time
Canadian people are very friendly and polite

Eligibility for moving to Canada for the first time

Canada is a wonderful country with a lot to offer. And it’s generally considered as one of the best destinations for expats. There are several different ways you can move to Canada legally. The Canadian government offers many different types of residency that will allow you to live and work there. And it’s important to carefully consider your options so you can apply for the right type.

  • Residency for skilled workers – If you have at least 12 full months of skilled trade work experience you should have a pretty good chance of getting a visa. This is one of the most common ways that people use when moving to Canada for the first time. Skilled workers are very well respected everywhere, and Canada is no different. When applying your age, work experience and education will be considered.
  • Sponsored by family – Your family that lives in Canada can agree to sponsor your emigration. Also, if your spouse is Canadian cities or has a permanent residency he or she can sponsor your relocation to Canda.
  • Residency for self-employed – Canada is very supportive of self-employed citizens. This way you should be able to get a residency without many problems. There are some rules though. You have to be earning more than $40,000 and be able to prove that you will continue to do so in Canada.

These are just some of the most common ways you can get a permanent residency in Canada. There are many other ways which you can see if you go to the Canadian Government website.  Canada is vast and if you don’t fall into some of the more popular categories, you can choose to move to a smaller or more remote area that sponsors expats.

a paper that is ready to be signed
There are different ways to apply for residency

Choose a city you will live in

When moving to Canada for the first time, one of the harder things to decide is where you are going to live. Most people decide to move to big cities like Toronto. At first, it might seem like a logical choice. Big cities offer many opportunities. But you shouldn’t neglect the smaller ones. Aurora, for example, is a beautiful small city close to Toronto. You will get all the benefits of the big city while living in a much calmer environment. So, look for something that will suit your needs. Choose a place that has job opportunities for your skill set. If you are moving with family consult with them. Ask them what they expect of their relocation to Canada.

The job market in Canada

If you don’t already have a job waiting for you in Canada you should start looking for it. While it might be a bit harder for new expats to find work, Canada job market is healthy and offers many opportunities. Start by identifying what sectors you want to work in. Look for the local industries

Preparing for the move to Canada

Once you have secured your residency in Canada and you found the perfect place to live you should start planning your relocation. One of the most time-consuming things you need to do before moving is to gather all of your documents. Handling relocation is one thing, but handling all the paperwork is a whole another level. You should start by collecting all of the necessary ones required by the Canadian government. Those documents are:

  • An Immigrant Visa
  • The confirmation of Permanent Residence for each member of the family that you are bringing with you
  • Two copies of the list of belongings you are bringing with you
  • Two copies of the list of things that are arriving later

Don’t forget other documents you will be needing, like your driver’s license, medical history and so on.

Plan your move

Moving long distance is never easy. Not only do you have to pack and organize everything, but there are also so many things that can go wrong. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals to help you with your move. Local movers know ins and outs of their business in their area and will be most qualified people to help you. They can give you advice and that can help you settle inAurora is a good place to search for affordable movers since as we mentioned it is near Toronto. This way, you will save a lot of money when planning your move, but you will have all the benefits of the big city. Toronto is very near and you will be able to work there, and still get a big house in Aurora and enjoy this beautiful city.

notebook that says planning
Plan your move slowly

How to choose reliable movers?

Since you need to hire movers that will help you with all aspects of your move – you need a reliable company. You should check their websites and other useful sites for reviews. Pay attention to details and feel free to contact them and ask all the questions. An example of a reliable company is and you can ask them for all the details. Not all moving companies can offer all the services you need when you are moving to Canada for the first time.

Settle in

Once you have moved to Canada, there are some things you should do. One of the first things is to set up a bank account in one of the local banks. keep in mind that all banks have monthly fees and that they can vary. The second thing to do is to get a local cell phone plan – this is very important since you should avoid any roaming costs. And do not forget one thing – enjoy yourself. You are now living in one of the best countries for expats. You can go and visit some local places and just relax. Also, you could try to learn the French language since a lot of Canadians is speaking just French.



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