Preparing for your move to Texas

texas desert

Texas. A vast land of deserts, long roads, and rock n’ roll. Texas is a state that offers a lot, and that is why many people decide to move to Texas. From great weather all year long to amazing job opportunities. In addition, there are many entertainment activities occurring daily in the land of “friends”. Texas is devised from a Native American word Tejas, which means allies or friends. Hopefully, Texas will greet you with a friendly “howdy” once you arrive. So, preparation for your move to Texas should be detailed because it is the beginning of your new life. Life in the desert, filled with hot sun, barbecue, friends, and good music. Let’s see what you should do before your move, and what Texas has to offer.

Your move to Texas will be filled with rock n' roll
The land of rock n’ roll.

Choosing the right city

Texas is a huge land. It is approximately the size of half of Europe. This means that there is a huge amount of cities and towns for you to choose. You should make your decision based on your job qualifications and lifestyle. However whichever town you choose, it does not matter that much, because every town in Texas is one of a kind. Let’s see what cities are the best to move to.

Austin is the state capital. It is also deemed the music capital of the United States of America. A huge amount of bands and live concerts and gigs are held every single night, and sometimes even during the day. It also offers a lot of opportunities for all you tech workers. People call it the Silicon Valley of the South, and for all the right reasons. However, it is the most expensive city in the state, so keep that in mind.

Next up on the list is San Antonio. It is famous for its Riverwalk, and historical landmarks such as Alamo, the place of a turning point battle during the Texas revolution. This is a great town if you are into sports. With one of the best ranking teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association) there will be no shortage of athletic amusement for you. The fans here are crazy! Other than that, there are a lot of family friendly places such as theme parks and other entertainment options.

The biggest city in Texas is Houston. It is also good for sports enthusiasts as they also have a high ranking NBA team called the Houston Rockets. As for job opportunities, this city is the best in the United States of America if you are into the oil business. All the biggest oil magnates have their company headquarters here, in Houston.

nfl player
Whichever city you choose you will have a lot of sports entertainment

Other than the aforementioned cities, there are honorable mentions such as El Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, and a lot, lot more. Make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Creating an inventory

When you have decided upon a city, it is time to move to the actual moving. Creating an inventory is a vital part of your move to Texas because if you have a schedule and hold onto it, your move will seem like a breeze! By creating a inventory you will help both yourself and your movers. Creating a comprehensive moving checklist is also a good idea to help your move. By doing so, you will know when something should be done and how.

Packing your belongings

The packing process will be difficult because of the sheer amount of stuff you have to pack. You should make sure to start packing on time and avoid having to do everything in a hurry. Hiring a packing company can also help you. They are professionals and they know what to do and how. However, this expertise comes with a price and will not be available if you are on a budget. offers services for people on a budget and are willing to negotiate on the price.

So, if you have decided to do the packing, brace yourself. It is a daunting task and you should not approach it lightly. If you have created an inventory you will know the items you want to move. Make sure to divide everything by category. A good idea for categorizing is to divide by room, or by item type. Each room or item type should be marked by a single color. For example, when packing your bedroom for your move to Texas, put a red colored sticker on all of the boxes that contain items from that room. Do so with each room and be sure to write down the colors for each room in your inventory.

Another important thing is to label the boxes containing fragile items. By doing so you will avoid potential damage being done to your fragile and valuable items when they are transported to your new Texas home!

Make sure to pack your essentials as well. It is not a good feeling when you packed your toothbrush, or clean underwear if you are moving with toddlers in a box labeled as bathroom box or a children’s room box. Then you will have to dig through all other items from your bathroom before reaching what you actually need. That is why an essentials box is a must. Keep all the things that you may potentially need during your move to Texas.

Having barbecue is one of the most important rituals in Texas

Prepare yourself to enjoy life in Texas

Texas is one of the most leisure friendly states in America. It is a state filled with music lovers, and barbecue and beer lovers. Barbecue is one of the sacred things here and you will certainly get some weird looks if you say that you are a vegetarian. Do not worry however, because there still are options for you! They put in a lot of effort in preparing their sacred meal so be ready to enjoy some of the best barbecue in the world! Other than that, they are really physical, meaning that there is a lot of hugging and backslapping, even if you are a total stranger. You will learn to enjoy their hospitality and accept it as your own. With all that said, good luck with your move to Texas!

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