Relocating to Pittsburgh – Top choice for millennials!

Skyline of Pittsburgh at night

You must be wondering if this is true, but if you are up to speed with all the information that comes every day and new trends- well then you must know that all the millennials are relocating to Pittsburgh. This city was once known as an industrial giant, but now that picture is changing. The city of bridges also known as Pittsburgh has become a place where you can actually make your dream come true!

Affordability as a top priority

Key in a hand when you are searching house after relocating to Pittsburgh
Searching for a home

When you finish college, you are probably stuck in students loans and you don’t know where to go and what to do. You may like the idea of living in New York or Los Angeles, but you are well aware how much that costs. When you do the math, it is more than clear that it will be almost impossible to lead a normal, comfy life, go out and pay for the apartment (even if it is a one bedroom that you might share). The best side of relocating to Pittsburgh is clear- affordability.

Pittsburgh has so many great neighborhoods and you will have a hard time choosing.  You have Central Lawrenceville, South Side Flats, Shadyside etc. You can choose which one you like depending on your needs. Some are more family-friendly, some are perfect for single millennial! No matter what you choose – you will be able to pay the rent, pay the student loans and have a happy normal life.

Job after relocating to Pittsburgh

We are sure that you think that it will be a nightmare to find a job after you move because it is always hard to land a job immediately. But after relocating to Pittsburgh, you will have so many opportunities because this is now home for so many giant companies that it will blow your mind. Here you will find Google, Facebook, Uber,  PNC Financial Services,  GlaxoSmithKline, FedEx etc. So, from this, you get the point. All the tech giants are coming here and this is becoming center for STEM careers. Besides that, tech start-ups are developing at universities here. If you are maybe still choosing the university, the University of Pittsburgh is a great place for you.

Young man sitting ata a computer searching for a job after relocating to Pittsburg
Looking for a job after relocation to Pittsburgh

All of this companies, they are here for one reason. They are here to grab fresh students. They are making their moves and attracting them with great job offers. So there are jobs, there are local incubators for startups. It is pretty clear that you will be able to find a job easily after moving to Pittsburgh.

 Life in Pittsburgh

Well, as you know Pittsburgh has a very rich history. Here you will find a lot of museums that will take your breath away. Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum has military exhibits from the Civil War to present day, it is one of the most interesting places. Also, we need to mention that the art is very important part of the Pittsburgh history. As you might know, The Andy Warhol Museum is located here and it is one of the largest museums dedicated only to one artist.


We mentioned museums and that the art is very important in Pittsburgh, but what you also need to know is that for the millennials, there is a lot of artistic outlets. You even have a writers community where you can share your thoughts. One thing that is above all is a unique art exhibit that happens only once a year.  Art All night is a unique night in a year where you can see a lot of different shapes of art in only one night and it is completely free.


Well, as everything else here in Pittsburgh – food has great diversity. You can try anything from Korean fried chicken to empanadas. There are great restaurants that are often offering very different food than the usual. If you are into Asian food you should try the restaurant Soba. It offers a variety of tastes, from classical to very unusual. And Soba has been in Pittsburgh more than a decade. You should also visit Superior motors, Union standard.


Well, as you probably assume the nightlife in Pittsburgh is very diverse. There are always opening some new places, there is always something happening. Is it maybe an art exhibition, or a music contest. But, you will always find something. Some of the trendiest spots in the town right now are:

  • The Brew Gentleman Beer Company, that has opened this year and it is a hot spot for millennials. You can try there something very weird and unusual: A yet-to-be-named BBQ chicken beer
  • Roundabout Brewer, it is run by a local couple and it is a little bit hippie.
  • East End Brewing Company, it is new and it has a partnership with Bike Pittsburgh. Their crazy drink is The dark and caffeinated Eye Opener Coffee Porter.

    Brewery in Pittsburgh
    Brewery in Pittsburgh

Also, we need to mention one important thing. If you like vodka or even if you don’t – you need to try Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. It will blow your mind either way. Boyd & Blair is distillery in Pittsburgh that you must visit after relocating to Pittsburgh.

Life after settling in

So, you have finally settled in and unpacked. You still feel a little bit anxious about the whole moving thing. It was stressful, I agree. But once you have unpacked and you have settled in there are some things that you need to know and do. You can find a lot of information about what is happening in Pittsburgh on their website. You need to start exploring the city and here are some things that you need to see:

  • Kennywood  – the entertainment park that has been opened in 1899 as a “trolley park”

  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium that have more than 4000 animals

  • The Rivers Casino is a must-go-to place, just to try your luck. It has opened in 2009 and it has more than 3000 slot machines.

And of course – you need to stay active. You have hiking trails, public yoga classes. And you can always participate in different charity programs like backyard composting programs, neighborhood gardens and non-profits like 412 Food Rescue.

All in all, this is an ideal place for a millennial since it has all you might need. Therefore relocating to Pittsburgh is your best and top choice!

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