4 things you should do before moving to Europe

Guide to moving to Europe
Moving to Europe? You should know these things!

Moving is never an easy task but moving across the pond can be really tricky. Tackling different culture, customs and habits can prove to be quite a challenge, one that should not be taken lightly. Change of pace, surroundings, language and an entire continent is a pretty big decision and it will for sure cause some disturbance in your life. We suggest you do your research and think long and hard about doing it. But if you have already decided that moving to Europe is your next great adventure, there are a few things you should know before you go. Read this article and prepare yourself for this amazing and difficult task in the best way possible.


  1. Before moving to Europe, sort out your finances

There are a lot of things you should do before you move, but let’s tackle the big issues first. And there is no bigger issue than money. There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself. First one is – do you have any debts? If there are any payments you should have made, or debts that might still be lingering over your head, you should sort them out before you go, or at least make a plan on how you will do so in the future. Then you should make a financial plan for how your next couple of months will look like. How much money you will be carrying, which bank you will be using, how will you withdraw money… Your best option is to check with your current bank what are your options, and if not, check with someone local what do they recommend. You don’t want to be losing a bunch of money on fees just because you weren’t informed enough. You should also make sure that you have enough money before you move to Europe, so research the living costs of the city you are moving to, and also if there are some request the government makes. Investigate the laws, and ask an embassy if you need help. Don’t forget to get insurance, not only for your belongings but for yourself. You will be in a foreign country, and you need to be prepared for anything. Do your homework before the move.

2. Explore new cultures even before you move

If you are moving to Europe chances are that you will encounter a lot of English speaking new neighbors. Regardless of that fact you should still invest your time into learning the language. It will make your move slightly easier, and your communication will rise to a whole new level. Language goes hand in hand with the culture, so make sure that you have done your homework. Emerging into a new culture is never easy, but being prepared always helps. What do they eat and drink? What is important in their culture? How does their government work? What are the laws for the foreigners? The best thing isn’t just to google or talk directly to the locals, but to find a foreign person living in your area, so they can help you during the transitional period. It is highly likely that you will encounter the same problems, so why shouldn’t you learn from their mistakes and avoid at least a few of them? We are sure there will be plenty of situations where you will be able to make your own! And if you need more help check out this helpful article. 

Before moving to Europe organize your finances
Here’s what you should know about finances before moving to Europe

     3. Be prepared for moving away from your loved ones

Sometimes, even going away for college is not easy. But moving to a different continent, so far away that you are in an entirely different time zone can be pretty tricky for your friends, your family and yourself. First, make sure that you have said a proper goodbye to every important person, place, and pet in your life. You should get a sense of closure, and move on from feeling sad that one part of your life is finishing, to feeling excited that another one is starting. Prepare yourself for all the emotions moving to Europe is going to cause and make sure that you will have time and space to go through them all. When you do actually move, keep in touch with all of the important people in your life, but understand that they are not part of your everyday life. Explore your new home, spend some time alone and start enjoying this new adventure. If you feel lonely, check out this list of fun things to do in Europe. 

     4. Brace yourself for the actual move

When you are done with everything else you still have to actually move to Europe. So, be responsible, make it easier on yourself and make a plan. One you are going to respect. Make a timeline and a checklist, and try to stick to it. If you skip important tasks just because you didn’t take time to make lists, you will cause stress for yourself and probably your relocation will last longer and cost more. Make sure that you have found  the best way to transport your stuff, pack lightly and thoughtfully, and get rid of everything that will cost more to ship than to buy locally

       5. Enjoy every step of it

Moving to Europe can be difficult
When moving to Europe, pay attention to your friends and family

Make sure that you have a camera, that you buy souvenirs and bring memorabilia from your old apartment, take up a new hobby or start writing letters back home. It is crucial to know when to be serious and when to just stop, enjoy the moment and have fun. Sometimes, that is difficult to do during such a stressful time, but that is also the only way to make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Moving to Europe can turn out to be the most challenging and the most amazing time of your life. Not only do they use a different metric system, but their perspective, culture and values are going to have a serious impact on your life and future. Take only the best from this experience and don’t let yourself be bothered with tiny details. Use this list we have provided you with, do the research and make plans, and that way you will really get to focus on the important part of this once in a lifetime experience.

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