Moving to Chicago with your instruments – how to pull it off?

Moving to Chicago with your instruments in the box.

Moving to Chicago is a new chapter in life. But for music lovers and musicians, it may be more complicated than usual. Why? Because of musical instruments. Moving to Chicago with your instruments is not impossible, but it required a good organization and preparation.

The moving process includes a lot of things. Packing, creating a moving checklist, searching for a new home, choosing a moving company, transportation, unpacking, etc. But, when you need to move your instruments too, then it requires more work and preparation.

Chicago for music lovers and musicians – where to move?

Chicago has beautiful neighborhoods where you can move if you are a real music lover. These are some of the best places to move to Chicago where you can enjoy music. No matter what neighborhood in Chicago you choose, may help.

  • Lakeview – It is home to Vic theatre, Schuba’s Tavern, Lincoln Hall, Gramophone records, etc. Definitely, it is a place for music lovers.
  • Lincoln Park – If you are Blues lover, move to Lincoln Park. A neighborhood has a special vibe.
  • Pilsen – Moving to Chicago with your instruments don’t have to be hard when you choose the right neighborhood. There are many music shops and Thalia Hall too.
  • Bucktown – A lot of music shop where you can find very talented bands. If you need a new instrument, Avenue N guitar is a place to find it.
  • Uptown – A music diamond. Uptown has a lot of bars with live music, theater, nightclubs, etc.
A view of Chicago from the plane. A sunset.
Chicago has so many different neighborhoods you can choose from.

Moving to Chicago with your instruments – what to know?

For people that are playing some instrument, living without it, is impossible. So, it is normal to move their instruments with them. Some of them want to move the entire music studio to Chicago. No matter how many instruments you need to move, the goal is the same. To move them properly, without any damage.

Find a moving company

A good and reliable moving company for moving to Chicago with your instruments is highly recommended. Each musical instrument must be handled differently. You cannot move the piano and guitar in the same way. If you do not know how to relocate your instruments, do not do it by yourself. Even if it is a local move. Musical instruments are very expensive, and even the smallest damage can be bad.

Special packing

Instruments should not be packed like the rest of your belongings. If you cannot pack them by yourself, hire a packing service. Quality packing supplies are required if you do not have original boxes. Use materials that will prevent instruments from damaging. Just one fall can do a big mess, and that is the last thing you want when relocating instruments.

Plan in advance

Changes in temperature, air humidity can damage your instruments. So, plan everything in advance and make a schedule. Also, your moving company must know the right location and exact moving date. Especially if you are having a concert. Everything must be organized.

Using moving boxes

If you need to use moving boxes for the instruments, make sure they are new and firm. If you do not have original casings, one of the options is to use boxes. You should use a box that is a little bit larger than the instrument and wrap the instrument with a bubble foil. After that, fill the empty space in the box with a packing paper.

How to prepare musical instruments for relocation?

Preparing and packing for moving to Chicago with your instruments should be easy and stress-free move. It is possible if you have the right guide and tips. If you, after all, cannot pack them properly, you can always hire a packing service company who know how to pack and handle instruments properly.

Piano moving

For piano moving, you must hire a moving company to transport it, but the preparation you can do by yourself. If looking for experienced piano moving specialists, find the best company without any exception. Before a moving company comes to take your piano or organs, close and lock the keyboard cover, remove all removable parts, and put an extra wrapper on the legs and piano pedals.

A piano keyboard.
A piano is one of the hardest musical instruments to move.

String instruments

For moving string instruments (guitars, violins, cellos, etc), an original box is very helpful and the safest way to relocate it. If you do not have it, buying a new one is not too expensive. And it is definitely worth it. Before you put them in the case, wrap the instruments with air bubble foil to secure it more.

A guitar and a violin,
The best way to move your strings instruments is to put them in the original case.

Brass instruments

Before you move brass instruments, remove the mouthpiece and pack them separately in the box. And before you put them in the case, wrap the instrument with an air bubble foil. It will protect it from scratching. A new and firm moving box will work just fine if you do not have a case.

A black oboe.
Playing a brass instrument is beautiful, but be careful when relocating them.


Collect enough moving boxes for all your drums. A box should be about 3 inches bigger than a drum and an empty space should be filled with a packing paper. Before moving, remove the rims and heads. All the small parts should be packed separately in a bag.

A picture of drums.
Drums are very sensitive, but they are not too complicated to relocate.

So, as you can see, moving to Chicago with your instruments is not too complicated when you have a reliable moving company to relocate your items and a good organization. But, if you love music and it is your life, you will do anything to have your instruments with you no matter where are you moving. Even if you are going on a vacation you can take your guitar, violin or saxophone.

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