How to pack office equipment for moving long distance

pack office equipment for moving

Moving your business is a demanding task that requires a lot of time and money. Especially when it is a long distance move. The easiest part is to find the new space and hire a moving company but knowing how to pack office equipment for moving is a serious task. A task that requires a lot of planning and a lot of time even if your office is small. You never actually realize how many things you have around untill you start packing for a move.

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about relocating your office and packing it for the upcoming move.

The early bird catches the worm when you need to pack office equipment for moving

No matter how big your office is, you want to start packing early. Doing it the day before the move will only make your move unorganized and messy. Usually, offices have more things for packing than an average home. So you really want to start on time so you don’t end up packing while your movers are taking other boxes to the truck. When you are packing your office, you also need to be very careful and organized. Your office supplies are important to you and your staff. Your documents and paperwork has to be perfectly packed as that is the most important for you.

The office furniture needs to stay in the same condition as it was, otherwise you might need to spend a lot of money on new office furniture. And moving is expensive. Moving your office long distance is even more expensive even if you hire good and cheap movers such as Cross Country Moving Group. So investing in new office furniture right after the move is not a good idea at all.

office desk and chair
Keep your furniture as safe as possible so you don’t have to invest in new one after the move.

Packing supplies

In order to make your move more organized, you will need proper packing supplies. The thing is, you need a lot of it. And you can’t just get the cheapest packing supplies and call it a day. The more expensive supplies have such high prices for a reason. When you need to pack office equipment for moving long distance, you want to use quality moving supplies.

Packing supplies that you will need are:

  • boxes – small, medium, large. Use plastic boxes for important papers and files.
  • tape – the tape you use has to be very good as you will use it to both close and secure the boxes
  • styrofoam – for packing electronics
  • bubble pack – to fill empty space in the box so your stuff doesn’t move around and for wrapping breakable items
  • clear plastic foil – great for wrapping furniture to keep it from damage.

Declutter while packing

Offices need to be decluttered too. Any unnecessary papers need to be thrown away. Moving them will only add extra weight to your boxes. If you don’t need them, throw them away. You can also recycle them. Offices usually have a lot of things for recycling. Why not help the environment? If there are any office supplies that you don’t need, donate them. Either to a local school or library. Those things are always welcome around. Decluttering isn’t a secret to a successful move that is stress-free but it will help you a lot when you need to pack office equipment for moving.

office supplies
Extra office supplies don’t belong in the trash. Donate it.

Pack your computers and cables the right way

The hardest part about moving an office is that you have to move the electronics too. Moving and packing electronics isn’t easy but we are going to give you a few tips to make it much easier.

Before you even start packing it, make sure you backup all the files that are important. No matter how good you pack your electronics, you never know what can happen along the way. Backing your files up on a monthly basis is something that many professionals suggest you do anyway. The files that you backed up should be with you. Don’t put them in boxes in the moving truck. Like we already said, you never know what can happen.

Electronics need to be the first thing you pack. Why? Well, you will be moving around the office. Bringing boxes, stacking them around. If your computers are just laying around, there is a big risk that you might accidentally knock some over and break them. So save yourself the trouble and pack them first. But you can’t just throw them in a box and call it a day.

How to pack electronics?

The first thing you want to do is wrap computers in bubble pack or blankets. After you do that, secure it with tape. This will keep them much safer when you put them in a box. Each computer should have its own box where you will also put the rest of its equipment. Keyboard, mouse, cables. This way you will stay more organized and won’t lose anything along the way. Remember to label the boxes and always double secure them with tape. For extra safety, add styrofoam to your boxes.

labeled boxed
Label your boxes for easier unpacking.

Don’t stack other items on top or under your computers. Put the keyboard, the mouse and the cables in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t tumble around as it can break. Make sure you clean the computers before you pack them too. You don’t have to move the dust from your last office to your new one. Act as if you are preparing antiques for moving. You want to be very careful.

Now that you know how to pack office equipment for moving long distance, you can start. Good luck!

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