Reasons for Hiring Student Movers

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One of the tasks to worry about when moving is hiring the right moving company. Getting a team of professionals to help you throughout your move can definitely ease the stress of relocation. What’s more important about hiring others to assist you with a move is to find a team that is trustworthy, efficient and within your price range. If you are not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Our tip of the day is to stay within your budget and hire student movers. Moreover, you might be wondering why we would advise on hiring student movers. We have a few good reasons, and if you keep on reading you will find out why it could be a great idea. 

Hiring Professional Movers

 Moving homes and worrying about transferring everything you own can seem daunting at first. You have to consider packing, organizing everything, delivering it, setting it up, etc. It can quickly become overwhelming alongside all the other aspects you have to consider during a relocation. If you are able to afford to hire a moving company, it would be a good idea to look into it as soon as you know you are moving. Booking a move ahead of time with a team that you choose will keep you organized early on. Another great element of having movers help you out is that on the moving date you can actually take your time saying bye to your old place and look forward to and enjoy arriving at your new home

A man loading items on a truck, something you can avoid when hiring student movers.
Hiring a moving company will relieve the stress of transferring your items and heavy furniture.

Hiring Student Movers

Once you do your research and gather your results and information you collected, you will have an idea as to how much you can spend on professional movers and still stay within your budget. In case you are looking to save a few dollars throughout the move, you should consider hiring student movers. There are plenty of college and university students who are willing to be hired as student movers and make a bit of money while studying. 


student movers
Student movers are more affordable, therefore you will be saving money throughout the process!

Certain colleges and universities will have a team of student movers and their contact info posted for people to be able to hire them in case need be. Throughout other times, you might have to reach out to the office of the school itself and see whether they have anyone who is available for hiring. 

Interview Process

One more reason why it would be a good idea to hire student movers is that you will probably have more than a few responses. This is good as you can then proceed with interviews. Interviewing potential movers will give you a chance to see whether they are the right fit for what you need.

For example, it would be a good idea to know which items you need help with. In addition, it’s good to know how many times you might have to go back and forth with the transfer of your belongings. In case your items are on the heavier side, it would be beneficial to get someone who will be able to carry the items with less strain. Also, it would be important to let them know which items they will be moving and delivering. This way both you and them can ensure whether they have the necessary means of transportation for this relocation. 


As we have mentioned, hiring the right team is of big importance. The interview process is just as essential. It will give you an idea of what type of people you are looking to hire, and how big of a team you might need. We suggest hiring more than you need, in case some people don’t show up. Meanwhile, if everyone does show up, then the more the merrier. It’s always good to have extra help!

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Hire the right professional assistance.

When it comes to the payments, student movers will definitely be more affordable than an actual moving company. If you are unsure how much to pay the students you hire, you can always talk with the people who work at the school office. For example, a particular college or university might already have a set minimum for their students. On the other side, you might just negotiate with the student movers and get the price that works for both parties involved. 

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 If you happen to be moving to Greenville, then you can rely on one of the best moving services out there. Undergrads Moving got started by a few students! They wanted to make some extra money while being at school full time. They started around 2017 and today they’ve built a solid and reliable reputation within their area.

Therefore, if you happen to need someone to organize and speed up your Greenville relocation, then you know exactly where and who to reach out to. 

A part of Greenville.
The more efficient your relocation, the sooner you can enjoy everything Greenville has to offer.

Moving with Student Help – Final Words

Whether you are moving within South Carolina or elsewhere, there are most likely many options when it comes to hiring student movers. Hopefully, after reading about our suggestions, you might be more inclined to hire students to help you out with your relocation. What’s good about that move is that you will save money while giving someone a chance to make some extra money while still being at school. 

Furthermore, if you want this to go successfully, ensure to have good communication with whomever you hire. First, check their availability and whether they are able to transfer the items you need to be transferred. In addition, check whether they have a vehicle and whether their vehicle will work with the items and furniture you have. Last but not least, check their references before anything. Once you get that green light, make a deal, and book your move. 

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